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10 Things To Do During A Stopover In Vienna

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With all the advancements in today’s technology, having a prolonged stopover in Vienna – or almost any other high profile airport in Europe – isn’t so bad after all. Say you have ample time to spare; you can turn this circumstance into a welcome opportunity to see all the wonders of the city even if it’s just for a short amount of time.

Part of Vienna Unwrapped’s advice when planning a trip and travelling to the city is renting a car. And some of the main points of this tip focus on understanding highway taxes and contract fees, as well as knowing specific parking areas.

In terms of parking, Vienna International Airport is somewhat similar to that of its European neighbour’s London Gatwick. While Vienna’s also has modernised multi-story and short term car parks, London’s has – as Parking4Less calls it – an award-winning short stay car park, which are very similar in terms of their core components.

When it comes down to it, after you’ve carefully considered and ultimately rented a car in the city, all the suggestions below will be within your reach. If not, you can always take advantage of its efficient railways, or better yet, do it on foot. With that, here’s a rundown of the ten things to do during a stopover in Vienna:

1. Verify Your Check In Luggage

Before anything else, be sure to double – even triple – check if your baggage is on its way to your actual destination. All in all, it’s worth taking an additional five or ten minutes to save your from the hassles of losing or misplacing your things.

2. Bring Your Own Water

Yes, airport security can be overly strict when it comes to bringing liquids. So it’s advisable to bring a portable water container similar to that of Source Outdoor’s Liquitainer.

3. Ask the Airport’s Tourist Information Desk

The airport’s tourist information desk has comprehensive leaflets about the top destinations in Vienna. You can also pick up a return train schedule so you’ll be on time for your next flight.

4. Buy an All-Day Transportation Pass

For just 5 Euro, or $6.75, you can get an all-day transportation pass that gives you convenient access to the trains, trolleys, and buses around Vienna. In a way, this is your first step to enjoying all the sites this European city has to offer.

5. Take the City Airport Train

10 things to do during a stopover in Vienna: City Airport TrainThe City Airport Train is the quickest way to travel from the airport to central Vienna (or vice versa). In just roughly 16 minutes, you can go from immigration authorities to the famous landmarks near the Wien Mitte station.

6. Visit Hofburg Palace

Showcasing the true essence of diverse architecture and baroque interiors, Hofburg Palace is a can’t-miss-destination when travelling to Vienna. Here, you’ll get a first-hand look at the cultural, time-honoured symbol of Austria.

7. Go to Stephansdom

10 Things to do in Vienna Stopover: StephansdomStephansdom is not just Vienna’s famous gothic cathedral; it’s also a brilliant work of art. Once you go inside, every little detail of this 12th century masterpiece will envelop your consciousness, taking you on a brief time-travelling adventure.

8. Learn About the Vienna State Opera House

As you stroll across the city centre’s old streets, you can’t help but notice the beauty of Vienna State Opera House. Aside from its aesthetic features, this architectural marvel also has a lot of aural history behind it – dating back to the mid-19th century.

9. See Museums Quartier

10 things to do during a stopover in Vienna: MuseumsquartierMuseums Quartier is one of the biggest cultural areas in the world. Leopold Museum is sometimes referred to as Egon Schiele Museum, as it features a huge collection of art works by Egon Schiele, as well as a mixture of modern pieces and contemporary displays.

10. Have a Snack at Café Sacher

This Vienna stopover wouldn’t be complete without treating your taste buds at Café Sacher. Surrounded by a lavish décor, you’ll truly feel every bite of their special chocolate cake with apricot jam and experience comfort with each sip of their delicious coffee.

Author: Amber Nikols, freelance writer

Note: Paid article

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