About Barbara Cação: Personal Vienna Travel Tips From A Native

How To Get Inside Vienna Before You Arrive

Whenever I travel to a new place I wish I knew someone there:

  • Someone who turns me from a tourist to an insider traveller.
  • Someone who helps me separate cultural gems from tourist traps.
  • Someone who understands my needs to fulfill long-cherished plans (walk up that landmark tower) with my desire to explore the lives of locals.
  • Someone willing to open up her local contacts to make me join the tribe.
  • Someone who saves me from one-size-fits-all vacation packages.

Does any of that resonate with you? If you search for a Go-To-Viennese who thinks like you I recommend you sign up to my personal travel tips. You will get an exciting dash of Vienna and useful travel tools fresh into your inbox every fortnight. It’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Why You Have Landed At Vienna Unwrapped

You have decided it has to be Vienna this vacation: The heart of Old World Europe with its Imperial dwellings, horse carriages, ballroom glamour and chocolate cakes. You like to travel individually, using authentic travel sources. And you rightly suspect there is another exciting LOCAL Vienna for you to experience. You may have to fulfill a bigger task, such as organising a honeymoon or anniversary trip, a deeply cultural Vienna city break, or a trip to trace your family roots in the area.

Creating a smooth Vienna vacation with the right mix of attractions and local experiences isn’t easy. What should you see in three days, which are the best tours from a local’s perspective, where to obtain tickets for non tourist-trap concerts? We all know the Danube is not blue, and the best boat trips are just outside Vienna…

Don’t give up. Let me deliver the right mix of honest reviews, inspiration and local connections you need to create your very own special Vienna vacation. In the past years, dozens of travellers and travel agencies have used my trip planning and travel consulting services.

Yours truly…..Barbara

You can find Vienna Unwrapped on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or recommendations, please get in touch. Thanks!

 About Barbara Cação

This site is founded and run by Barbara Cação (née Grüll), a native Viennese, local of 30 years and frequent traveller to her hometown. Barbara has also founded the social dining event series Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations to connect travellers with locals in Vienna.

She has contributed various articles on Vienna for well known travel blogs and magazines such as Destinations Travel Magazine, Got Saga, Inspiring Travellers, GoNomad, and A Luxury Travel Blog.


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