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Evening Dress Shops Vienna: Where to Get Ball Gowns

Evening Dress Shops Vienna. You have just bought ball or gala dinner tickets and are ready to implement the dress code. Where do you look first? Take your old dress with you? Buy or rent? Vienna’s top dress shops can compete head-on-head with the great European ateliers, but you get much more for your money here. See my favourite dress shops for inspiration.

Best Evening Dress Shops In Vienna

Many travellers buy or rent evening wear to attend Vienna balls. If you are looking to rent an evening dress during the ball season, make sure you contact your chosen shop as early as possible. 


Evening dress shops Vienna: ElfenkleidEvening dress shops Vienna. One of the local fashion shooting stars, Elfenkleid is a boutique dress maker with an established reputation. Most characteristically for their brand, designer duo Sandra and Annette focus on soft flowing fabrics when crafting wedding and evening dresses. Because the duo hand makes pieces in low batch numbers and from sustainable materials, Elfenkleid dresses follow ‘slow’ and ‘mindful fashion’ trends.

As for the evening collection, expect a good deal of amazing black and color creations, from playful flounce dresses to hellenic tunics with beautifully falling folds.

If you have more time when you are in Vienna, Elfenkleid can also tailor your own bespoke dress.

In any case, make an appointment and ask for Elfenkleid’s current lookbook if you are interested in buying an evening dress.

Location: Margarethenstrasse 39, 3-4; A- 1040 Vienna

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm;

Email: email@elfenkleid.com


Evening dress shops Vienna: FlossmannEvening dress shops Vienna. Don’t be misled by Flossmann’s focus on wedding dresses. Being one of the traditional evening dress shops Vienna family business Flossmann has well over a hundred festive gowns in store that you can buy or rent. 

Most of the dresses hug your body beautifully and come in strong and pastel colours. Besides classical styles with lace and frills Flossmann also stocks contemporary evening gowns. If you attend a ball, make sure you go for a long dress (till the ankles at least), as most dress codes require this.

On average, evening dresses cost between EUR 400 and EUR 1,600.

Location: Riemergasse 11; A- 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm; Saturday 9am to 12pm. Please make a reservation before you shop.

Email: info@flossmann.at


Evening dress shops Vienna. The rich silk fabrics, textiles and accessories shop INDIA is my secret evening dress heaven. Though it is not one of the main evening dress shops Vienna ball attendees will almost certainly make great finds here. My emerald green long embroidered evening dress is still absolutely stunning. The shop stores rich silk fabrics, and a small but beautiful selection of evening dresses and ball gowns at affordable prices.

Some of them have a distinct Indian flavour but most look like just simply sophisticated. INDIA evening dresses are boutique style and not availalbe in large quantities, which will likely save you from unwanted partner looks with strangers.

Location: Strobelgasse 2, A-1010 Vienna (rear corner of St. Stephen’s Square right in the centre)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:30 am to 6.30 pm; Saturday 10:30 am to 6.00 pm 

Anelia Peschev

Evening dress shops Vienna. Bulgaria-born Viennese designer Anelia Peschev manages to use Viennese and South Eastern European influences in her creations without turning them into kitsch. She dresses the good and the great of Viennese society, from politicians to TV and show celebrities and Miss Austria’s.

Most of her dresses are inspired by Austrian fin de siècle designs (Jugendstil). In many of her softly flowing silky robes you will recognise the spirit of Gustav Klimt artwork (especially his female portraits), Koloman Moser graphic prints and Josef Hoffmann architecture.

Location: Steffl Department Store in Kärntner Strasse 19 stocks Anelia Peschev fashion; 

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 8.00 pm, Saturday 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

Best Evening Dress Shops to Rent

Dress and Impress

Evening Dress Shops Vienna: Dress and ImpressEvening dress shops Vienna. Even though the most stunning evening dress has been inhabiting my wardrobe it does wear off after 10+ years. Before buying another one I’ll likely roam this city center shop, which stocks hundreds of the most glamorous robes: From body hugging curvy dresses in power colours to fluffy dreams in pastel.

The trick is that you rent the precious garments for an evening and then simply hand them back afterwards (the shop will do the dry cleaning). All in all, a one-off dress fits well for a one-off evening in Vienna. In addition, you can also get your hair and make up done, at the shop or at your hotel. And if you fell in love with your robe you’ll be able to buy it.

Location: Krugerstrasse 15, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 7.00 pm; Saturday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Email: info@dressandimpress.at


Evening dress shops Vienna: Costume rental at Art for ArtEvening dress shops Vienna. Since Vienna excels in both theaters and balls why not show up in an original Viennese theater costume at a Viennese ball? 

Stocking more than 250.000 costumes and ball gowns from all historic eras makes ART for ART the largest theater costume producer in Europe. 

While ART for ART fits Austrian and international theaters, from the Vienna State Opera to the Metropolitan Opera New York and the Theâtre des Champs Elysées Paris, private individuals can likewise rent a theater costume for an extravagant evening. Rental prices start at EUR 150 and include advisory, fitting and dry cleaning.

Location: Montleartstrasse 8; A-1140 Vienna

Opening hours: by arrangement

Email: fundus@artforart.at

Kleiderverleih Rottenberg

Evening dress shops Vienna: dress from rental shop RottenbergEvening dress shops Vienna. Kleiderverleih Rottenberg is one of the traditional bridal and evening wear rental evening dress shops Vienna has to offer, stocking a good assortment of evening dresses, tuxedos and tailcoats.

Their service has a good reputation and their staff ensures each dress is well fitted with the customer.

An evening dress can be rented for approx. EUR 150, a tuxedo inc. accessories for around EUR 170 and a tailcoat inc. accessories for around EUR 250. Prices include fitting and dry cleaning. A down payment for dresses and suits from around EUR 100 is required.

Location: Porzellangasse 8; A-1090 Vienna

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm; Saturday 9am to 12pm; in January and February the shop also opens on Mondays.

Email: info@kleiderverleih.at;

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