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Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: A Failproof Guide

Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: creation by Silvio Nickol

If you like Michelin star restaurants Vienna is holding a few gems. Increasingly, our love for hearty local cuisine has been making space for the creative delights of fine gourmet dining.  In their gourmet restaurants our Michelin star chefs have revolutionized and lightened up Viennese cuisine. Now, Wiener Schnitzel, Palatschinken and other fried dishes get by on the bare minimum of frying oil; cream sauces …

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Restaurants in Vienna: Where To Eat, From Michelin to Würstelstand

Restaurants in Vienna: Zum Friedensrichter

Restaurants in Vienna. Where to eat in Vienna? There are hundreds of restaurants serving Viennese cuisine. My independent restaurant reviews below came from my frequent visits to my hometown. I use to visit all these places with my local friends and family. They also come in digestible amounts, and some variety: from Michelin star restaurants to taverns, snack bars and Vienna …

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Contemporary Vienna Restaurants: Top 7 Bistro-Style Places

contemporary Vienna restaurant Lingenhel

Contemporary Vienna Restaurants. How does contemporary cuisine in Vienna taste? To try local beef tartare, grilled fish and the likes head for one of these relaxed restaurants. While they all excel in quality food each boasts a distinctive menu and interiors. Since the eateries are based in the center or in lovely neighborhoods you can integrate them easily into your walks. Price …

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Keller Vienna Restaurants: Are They As Good As They Seem?

keller Vienna restaurant Brezl Gwoelb

Keller Vienna Restaurants. Do you find cutting your Schnitzel beneath vaulted ceilings an irresistible thought? Located mostly in the city center, Vienna’s romantic keller restaurants let you fork up history and (food) culture in one big bite. However, the ongoing international stair run down the Kellers has created two types of cellar restaurants: those that cut it with guidebooks and …

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Vienna Neighborhood Restaurant Silberwirt – Inside A Local Institution

Vienna neighborhood restaurant Silberwirt

Set in trendy district Margareten, Vienna neighborhood restaurant Silberwirt presents a buzzing eatery that satisfies cravings for Schnitzel and a historic setting alike. Occupying part of 14th-century Margareten castle Silberwirt is one of four restaurants and bars at ‘Schlossquadrat’. Inside, the Beisl  (tavern) has gently transferred the old Beisl-style into the 21st century: the green painted wood panels, wooden chairs …

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Vienna Sausage: What It Is and How to Enjoy It

Vienna sausage varieties: Sacherwuerstel

The Vienna sausage may seem like a simple snack, but there is actually a lot of confusion surrounding it. First of all, the term “sausage Vienna” (or Wiener Wurst) actually refers to a different type of sausage in Austria’s capital city. If you find yourself in Vienna, you’ll discover a wide variety of delicious sausages available at local stands. To …

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Wine Tasting In Vienna: 3+ Top Finds Underground

Wine tasting in Vienna

As for guided wine tasting in Vienna local Austrian wine shops often beat vintners. Why? Simply because the latter are either busy cultivating wine, or serving food and drink in their wine taverns. In the city center, a small deli and wine store regularly pours out its knowledge about Viennese and Austrian wines. On top, you get to know one …

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Wienerschnitzel in Vienna: My Restaurant Guide

Vienna insider tips: Pichlmaier's Zum Herkner in Vienna district Hernals

Where do you get the best Wienerschnitzel in Vienna? In a dedicated German schnitzel restaurant? Or in the neighbourhood tavern that no one in search of ‘der weinersnitchel’ ever heard of? To add local flavour, my Wiener Schnitzel restaurant guide largely reflects where Viennese residents like to go. I think you will love those places, too! Pichlmaiers Zum Herkner Wienerschnitzel …

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Wiener Schnitzel – How We Do A Wienerschnitzel Recipe

Wiener Schnitzel with lemon

Since the Wiener Schnitzel (or Wienerschnitzel) remains at the epicentre of Viennese cuisine, learn all about it, including the best Schnitzel recipes and local insider tricks for preparing it.  From a culinary point of view, Schnitzel stands for our love for all things breaded and fried: from meat to fish, mushrooms, celeriac, cauliflower, and even cheese. What Makes A Great …

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Best Bars In Vienna – Why These 14 🍹Spots Are A Knockout

Best bars in Vienna: First Floor Bar

Best Bars in Vienna. To shake up evenings of classical music find out where people of our generation and upwards gather over drinks and live tunes in Wien. In fact, many bars already open in the afternoon, adding an exciting stopover to your sightseeing program. There are so many more great bars out there but this list puts you in …

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