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Resources You Need To Plan Your Vienna Vacation

Vienna trip resources: best apps

To fast track your planning for a Vienna vacation I have packed a ton of resources for your trip that I recommend throughout Vienna Unwrapped’s 400+ pages. On top, you will find many more links to useful apps and more transport and insider tips.  A few of these links connect you with my affiliate partners, with whom I have been …

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Trip Resources: Vienna Accommodation and Transport

Since this part of your Vienna trip tool box focuses on flight, accommodation and local transport make it your first port of call. Hotels And Vacation Rentals (affiliate): For several years in a row Hotels Combined has won travel awards. The meta search engine, owned by Booking, helps you compare hotel deals from various hotel search sites like, …

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Trip Resources: Vienna Guided Tours And Boat Rides

How to further expand your horizon in Wien? For extra insight and human interaction on the ground consider hiring a private guide or joining a guided tour. And since horizons tend to expand on a boat explore a good variety of boat rides on the Danube. Guided Tours GetYourGuide (affiliate): Powered by more than 100 local tour operators and event …

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Trip Resources: Vienna Tickets, City Passes and Discounts

With a little upfront planning quality event tickets and discounts are more likely to become available, and your time Vienna will accommodate a few extra experiences without feeling stretched. Below are the key resources to optimize your stay. Getting Around: Best Apps and City Passes iVie Digital City Guide: If you want an app to guide you through Vienna, iVie …

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Trip Resources: Vienna Food & Drink, And Shopping

Since Vienna’s food and drink culture adds a sizable chunk to its appeal for visitors, being in the right place at the right time matters. Even vegetarians and vegans will find great restaurants in this meat crazy city. As for shopping, I have collected the best tools and resources in town for Austrian fashion, gifts and food to start with. …

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Austria Money and Currency Explained

Euro coins and banknotes

Austria money and currency. Since it is part of the Eurozone, Austria uses the euro as its currency. This means you can pay with the same euros in Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. To start with, one euro represents 100 cents. Essentially, euro banknotes come …

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Smart Vienna Tourist Checklist – 7 Vital Holiday Planning Tips

Vienna Ringstrasse from above

After you have decided about your travel date and long before you advise your bank, mobile phone provider and pet of your trip, use a smart Vienna tourist checklist. Because Austria’s capital is small, many travelers underestimate its rich cultural offer, and booming tourism.  ❑ 1. Check Seasonal Peaks, Highlights And Weekend Closures If you always dreamed of visiting certain …

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Tipping in Austria – Guide To Hotel, Restaurant and Taxi Tipping

Is it customary to tip in Austria? And how much do you tip? Essentially, tipping in Europe can differ significantly by country. Tipping in Austria is generally at the consumer’s discretion. While certain service sector workers expect to receive a tip you do not need to pay extra if you are not happy. If you have been to Germany you …

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Austria Cell Phone Use For Travelers: SIM Cards To Mobile Hotspots

Austria cell phone use: Austrian mountain and lake

Austria Cell Phone Use for Travelers. If your cell phone carrier’s International Roaming and Mobile Data Package is too expensive there are a few options to consider to cut roaming charges: Buy Prepaid Austrian Or European SIM Card Austria Cell Phone Use for Travelers. Overall, a SIM Card can considerably cut roaming charges. Since Austria may only be one stop during …

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Day Trip To Vienna From Budapest: Tours And Transfers

Day trip to Vienna from Budapest: Neue Burg

Are you planning a day trip to Vienna from Budapest? From time to time users ask me whether the journey is doable. Not only is Wien overwhelming in terms of attractions but also located at 250 km distance. My answer is yes, do it, by train, by car but not by boat (too long). Since you will want to get the most out …

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