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Arnold Schoenberg – His Life And Musical Style

Schoenberg Fundamentals of Musical Composition 1937-1948, Schoenberg Center Vienna

In 2024 Vienna celebrates the 150th anniversary of Arnold Schönberg. The Austrian Jewish composer and artist Arnold Schoenberg or Schönberg (how his name spells in German language) was born in Vienna in 1874. Most famously, Schoenberg invented the revolutionary 12 tone music, t urning him into a symbol of Fin-de-Siècle Vienna. Despite facing controversy and resistance during his lifetime, Schoenberg’s …

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Vienna Museum – What To Expect From The New Wien Museum

Vienna Museum exterior

[todaysdate format=”F Y”]  Since the Wien Museum (Vienna Museum) spectacularly transformed and almost doubled in size in 2023 it’s bound to become a new cultural magnet in town. Across three floors and 3,300 square meters, the permanent exhibition shows approximately 1,700 objects – each of which has been restored. Above the freely accessible terrace and the Trude & Daughters restaurant …

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Vienna Flak Tower Guide: Why See Our Ugliest Buildings

Vienna Sightseeing: flak tower

With six Vienna flak towers darkening the cityscape the monstrous concrete blocks still weigh heavily on Vienna’s past. While precious palaces and fine museums fill cultural space, the up to 47 meter high concrete cylinders fill historical space much needed for understanding Wien’s past. As a matter of fact, many local historians believe the Viennese government doesn’t adequately deal with …

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Austria After World War I: The First Republic

February fights in Vienna, 1934

Austria after World War I. What happened during Austria’s First Republic in Vienna? How did Vienna adapt after the Habsburg Empire broke up? Most dramatically, Austria shrank in size and importance from an Imperial capital to a small republic. To orientate yourself when visiting Vienna, read this 5 minute overview of the making of the republic of Austria. Since my …

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Vienna Tourism Guide Review: Which Is The Best Guidebook For Wien?

Vienna tourism guide review

Do you want to dig deep or wide when searching for the best travel tips in Austria’s capital? Picking the right Vienna Tourism Guide is essential if you’d like a complementary print guide, too. Ideally, it provides an overview, then details the most rewarding places to see. If you want a ‘second voice’ to Vienna Unwrapped, buy a good city guide. I have researched …

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The Ultimate Guide To Vienna Districts and Best Neighborhoods

Vienna districts and neighborhoods: Servitenplatz

Each of the 23 Vienna districts and their neighborhoods (Grätzels) displays a distinctive character. Hence, to get a grip on real Wien and connect with local lifestyles, venture beyond Ringstrasse boulevard. But where to go and what to do? In fact, some Grätzels perfectly emulate quaint village life, with locals taking their melange at postcard church squares and chatting with their …

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The French Wars – Napoleon In Austria

Napoleon at Wagram, by Horace Vernet, 1809

For the Austrian Empire the French Wars, or Napoleonic Wars, had devastating effects.  Before you visit the Austrian capital, get the story about Napoleon Bonaparte in Vienna, and where to trace him. Why Did France Declare War On Austria? Soon after Emperor Franz I had formed the Third Coalition with Russia, Britain and other nations to combat Napoleon in 1804, the …

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Siege of Vienna 1529: Why It Mattered In European History

Ottoman exhibition at Wien Museum

What is the Siege of Vienna? With the Siege of Vienna, the Ottoman Empire attempted to crown its first major territorial expansion to Central Europe. Initially, Ottoman commander-in-chief Sultan Suleiman (Süleyman) I The Magnificent aimed at gaining control of Hungary, a Habsburg territory. After defeating the Hungarian Habsburgs in the Battle of Mohacs, Suleiman decided to head further west. By that …

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Vienna Sausage: What It Is and How to Enjoy It

Vienna sausage varieties: Sacherwuerstel

The Vienna sausage may seem like a simple snack, but there is actually a lot of confusion surrounding it. First of all, the term “sausage Vienna” (or Wiener Wurst) actually refers to a different type of sausage in Austria’s capital city. If you find yourself in Vienna, you’ll discover a wide variety of delicious sausages available at local stands. To …

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Lipizzaner Stallions 2023- The Compact Guide

Lipizzaner Stallions

Where do Lipizzaner stallions come from, why are the foals black, and where can you see the white dancing horses in Austria? Whether you want to watch these horses, buy them or simply know more about them, exploit this short guide below. Where Do Lipizzaner Stallions Come From? To begin with, the name Lipizzaner comes from the original stud in …

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