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Hotels Vienna Austria 2024: Where I Would Stay If I Was A Tourist

Hotels Vienna Austria [todaysdate format=”F Y”] . Where to stay in Vienna, which are the best places to stay in my hometown? This page bundles my personal shortlists of the best hotels and apartments by category I would use if I was a tourist in my city.

The best area to stay in Vienna, if you are short on time, is the city center, or first district. Since key attractions and best restaurants cluster in the ‘Innenstadt’ you will never be more than five minutes walk from a town palace, top museum, elegant boulevard, gourmet eatery or romantic alley. To get to know Vienna’s best central neighborhoods opt for hotels in Josefstadt, Neubau, parts of Mariahilf and Wieden. They are also cheaper than those in city center spots. Indicated regular room rates for the categories below are per night based on two people in a double room. Search hotel by location: Click on the map below to search for hotel deals by location.

Luxury Hotels In Vienna

Hotels Vienna Austria: Hotel ImperialHotels Vienna Austria. With more than 20 five-star hotels, you have a decent choice in Wien. Many of them, such as Hotel Sacher Vienna, Hotel Imperial Vienna and Palais Coburg, have received a thorough makeover in the past years, while new modern luxury accommodation such as Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom and Grand Ferdinand were introduced.

In fact, many of my travel planning clients look for traditional places that reflect a distinctive local style. However, you can also explore this distinctively Viennese style in breathtaking contemporary five star hotels. 

Where do you find these top best hotels in Vienna? To begin with, go for those in historic palaces along Ringstrasse state boulevard. Subsequently, do explore the newer additions of luxury hotels. Most of them reside in converted townhouses, old banks and grand public buildings.
Room rates from EUR 150 up to EUR 600+. Luxury Hotels in Vienna

Four Star Hotels In Vienna

Hotels Vienna Austria: Hotel HarmonieHotels Vienna Austria. If you are after four star hotels Vienna is a great place as it offers most hotels in this category. Actually, four star hotels are the second most popular types of hotels here, following three star hotels.

You can choose from a rich variety of boutique hotels, bourgeois town houses and larger hotels with international flair, such as the Astoria Hotel Vienna. On top, this is also a fertile ground for demanding bargain hunters. The hotels are either centrally located or enable visitors to discover Vienna’s nicest residential areas adjacent to the city center.
Rates range between EUR 90 and EUR 400.
Four Star Hotels in Vienna

Design Hotels In Vienna

Hotels Vienna Austria: Hotel LameeHotels Vienna Austria. If the best place to stay for you is a design spot I know a few that will make you happy. In the past years, design hotels have mushroomed both in the city center and top neighborhoods. Many of them are among the best Vienna hotels, such as the Grand Ferdinand or Merdien Vienna. Choose one with a stylish twist to an authentic Viennese building for special local character.
Rates range between around EUR 60 and EUR 400.
Design Hotels in Vienna

Boutique Hotels in Vienna

Hotels Vienna Austria: Schreiner'sHotels Vienna Austria. To go small and special, search for a boutique hotel in Vienna. Most of them are fairly new and located in the best area of Vienna such as The Guesthouse. Compared to the average Bed and Breakfast, they are more stylish yet almost as personal and quiet. Boutique-styles range from minimalist to opulent and traditionally elegant.

Interestingly, the modern boutique hotels all display a local theme, for example the ‘jewelry box’ of Hotel Topazz, which complements classical sightseeing well.
Rates range between EUR 130 and EUR 400. Boutique Hotels in Vienna.

How To Get There

Whenever we book good hotels we make sure we aren’t too exhausted on arrival. Simply because grumpy moods spoil the first impression. While the aiport train service is pretty good but doesn’t cover the last mile. Consider door-to-door transfer.

Three Star Hotels In Vienna

Hotels Vienna Austria: Motel One Wien StaatsoperHotels Vienna Austria. With three star being the most popular category of local hotels, you will find a good choice in Wien. In fact, one in three hotels here is a three star. However, and more so as with four star hotels, quality levels and rates can vary considerably.

By the way, you can find great three star hotels in the best areas of Vienna, such as the Motel One Wien Staatsoper (photo). My selection of the best middle of the road hotels, such as the Hotel Austria Vienna, will help you do this.
Rates between around EUR 55 and EUR 290. Three Star Hotels

Vienna Bed and Breakfast

Hotels Vienna Austria: Pension BaronesseHotels Vienna Austria. Connect with real life in Vienna by staying in one of these well loved bed and breakfasts (Pensionen) rather than the more non-descript one/two star hotels.

In fact, Vienna has more of these in central locations than you may think. They are usually family-run and provide an ambient and cosy atmosphere. Their informal touch and personal service is great for families, couples and single travellers alike.
Rates range between EUR 60 and EUR 250.
Vienna Bed and Breakfast

Cheap Hotels In Vienna

Hotels Vienna Austria: Magdas HotelHotels Vienna Austria. I was really strict when selecting the best cheap hotels Vienna Austria can provide. I love the new stylish budget hotels because they balance price and quality with good design (example for a budget hotel Vienna is Magdas). You will see them when you click on the link below. However, there are many more good quality hotels when travelling on a budget. You can find them by using the search box at the top of the page. Just type in your preferred travel dates and number of travellers, and then narrow down your search by category and price on the left in the window that opens.
Rates from around EUR 30.
Cheap Hotels in Vienna

Best Vacation Rentals

Hotels Vienna Austria: Chez Cliche NaglergasseHotels Vienna Austria. Do you want a home away from home for your extended stay in my city, while on business or travelling with your family or a group of friends? Do you wonder what it would be like to live here? Browse through my little selection of four and three star quality apartments with comfort and character. Most of them provide fantastic space, make you really independent from the sometimes tricky restaurant opening hours here, and can be cheaper than a hotel of comparable standards.
Rates for many Viennese holiday apartments depend on the length of stay and start from around EUR 70.
Vacation Rentals Vienna
Vienna Apartment Rental

Vienna Hotels For Christmas

Hotels Vienna Austria: Schloss WilhelminenbergWhere to stay in Vienna during Christmas? Since Wien is big on seasonal markets, classical advent and Christmas concerts, and Christmas shopping you may want to stay close by. Most of the hotels in the city center provide good access to those, though there are a few that are just perfectly situated.

Other than that, why not choose a peaceful bolt-hole in some romantic outskirts, from where to venture out? See Wilhelminenberg Castle hotel in the photo, just two minutes from romantic eatery Villa Aurora. Learn more about Vienna hotels for Christmas.

Vienna Airport Hotels

Hotels Vienna Austria: NH Vienna AirportHotels Vienna Austria. Are you planning a layover in Vienna? The international airport in Schwechat has a good hotel, and there are few others in the immediate vicinity. As the International Airport is close to the city and has excellent transport connections, consider staying at a well positioned residential spot in town, within walking distance to the city centre.
Rates of hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area start from EUR 44.
Vienna Airport Hotels

Hotels Vienna Austria: My Vienna Woods Hotel

Hotels Vienna Austria: Freigut ThallernHotels Vienna Austria. The Vienna Woods at the city’s doorstep are the locals’ favourite outdoors for weekend getaways, and have inspired the likes of Johann Strauss and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Having said that, you will find larger differences in quality than with Vienna hotels. Hence, I have put together a list of insider tips on elegant castles, romantic taverns and wineries where you will thoroughly enjoy your stay.
Rates of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in the area start from EUR 23.
Find your perfect Vienna Woods Hotel.

Hotel Search Map

To find the best neighbourhood hotels and central places click on the map to find hotel deals in a particular location. You will be able to compare deals from the biggest booking sites such as, and for each hotel on one page.

Hotels Vienna Austria: location map

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