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Novels Set In Austria: 7 Bestsellers To Search Our Soul

Novels set in Austria: book illustration by Fritz von Herzmanovsky Orlando

Novels Set In Austria. At the latest since Sigmund Freud, it became evident that Austrians can be weird. Even more so, understanding where they come from and how they tick is key to unlocking local culture. To help you do that, I have pulled together 7 books that hold the keys. What to expect from Austrian literature? In short, many …

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The Ultimate Guide To Vienna Districts and Best Neighborhoods

Vienna districts and neighborhoods: Servitenplatz

Each of the 23 Vienna districts and their neighborhoods (Grätzels) displays a distinctive character. Hence, to get a grip on real Wien and connect with local lifestyles, venture beyond Ringstrasse boulevard. But where to go and what to do? In fact, some Grätzels perfectly emulate quaint village life, with locals taking their melange at postcard church squares and chatting with their …

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Vienna Daytime Concerts – Secret Matinées, Lunch and Afternoon Classics

Vienna Daytime Concerts: Wiener Konzerthaus

Curiously, classical music in plain daylight is harder to find than nighttime concerts in Vienna. If dinner, young children or simply sleepiness get into your way, visit Vienna daytime concerts. Most take place fairly regularly, either at lunchtime or in the afternoons or early evenings. 6 Ideas For Matinées and Lunchtime Concerts The most popular musical wake up calls are …

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What To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day 2024

dinner waggon at Giant Ferris Wheel

[todaysdate format=”F Y”]  What are the best things to do in Vienna Austria for Valentine’s Day in 2024? Naturally, my hometown is scoring high on romantic terms. With its music, waltz, baroque swirls, palaces, cakes and charming streets there is plenty to do. Find out how to nail down a great Valentine’s day program all day long. 1. Clip Clop, …

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Lipizzaner Stallions 2023- The Compact Guide

Lipizzaner Stallions

Where do Lipizzaner stallions come from, why are the foals black, and where can you see the white dancing horses in Austria? Whether you want to watch these horses, buy them or simply know more about them, exploit this short guide below. Where Do Lipizzaner Stallions Come From? To begin with, the name Lipizzaner comes from the original stud in …

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Grafenegg, Austria: Castle & Concert Day Trip From Vienna

Grafenegg Castle, Austria

Grafenegg. For a fresh air of sophistication during a day trip from Vienna, head for Schloss Grafenegg. As a child I couldn’t get enough of the castle’s magical Christmas markets. Later on, my daughter and I enjoyed Grafenegg’s magnificent state rooms and a garden picnic in two of its deck chairs, on our way to Wachau Valley. And most recently, …

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Vienna Swimming Pool: Visiting Historic Outdoor Pool Neuwaldegg

Things to do in Vienna August: Neuwaldegger Bad

Vienna swimming pool. Especially when Vienna is sizzling you’ll do well adopting a fresh approach to sightseeing. Instead of adding another museum to your itinerary, pack your trunks and swimsuit for a dive into 1920s bathing culture. At barely 25 min from the city center, Neuwaldegg in the Vienna Woods lures with a sizeable vintage pool that could be taken …

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Beethoven in Vienna – 10 Ideas To Connect With Him In Wien

Beethoven installation in Vienna Austria

Beethoven in Vienna. Did Beethoven live in Vienna? In fact, Beethoven spent almost two thirds of his life in Austria’s capital. While Mozart spent just 10 years in Wien, Beethoven lived in the capital of music for 35 years. Becoming Viennese by choice, Beethoven’s nationality was actually German. With the Beethoven 2020 anniversary approaching fast, classical music fans should therefore …

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Best Bars In Vienna – Why These 14 🍹Spots Are A Knockout

Best bars in Vienna: First Floor Bar

Best Bars in Vienna. To shake up evenings of classical music find out where people of our generation and upwards gather over drinks and live tunes in Wien. In fact, many bars already open in the afternoon, adding an exciting stopover to your sightseeing program. There are so many more great bars out there but this list puts you in …

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Mayerling Austria: Touring The Former Mayerling Lodge

Mayerling Austria: documents of Mayerling incident

At barely an hour from Vienna, Mayerling Austria holds both a tragic love story and an eye opener. Certainly, fans of the opera Mayerling and history buffs will know the Mayerling incident. On a sunny July morning, I toured the former Mayerling lodge where Habsburg Crown Prince Rudolph’s once shot Mary Vetsera and then committed suicide. Read my review. The …

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