Life Ball Vienna: Opening 2015
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Life Ball Vienna 2018 – Native’s Guide And Ticket Info

Life Ball Vienna. I have been to quite a few balls in my home city but none compare to the excitement and flamboyance of the Life Ball. While you won’t waltz much to Strauss there, you will dive right into Vienna’s famous joy of loving life. Here is my guide of what to expect from Vienna’s most extraordinary event nd how to make your presence there happen.

What Is The Life Ball Vienna?

Life Ball Vienna: Ver Sacrum theme 2015Life Ball Vienna. The Life Ball is like life tipped over the edge into free fall: Imagine thousands of fantasy and sci-fi characters, haute couture models, samba queens, burlesque dancers, glamorous transvestites and illustrious film stars displaying their feathers in an exuberant celebration of life in all its shapes and colours.

The charity event in support of Aids is one of the largest and most publicity-attracting worldwide. It is also the highlight of gay Vienna. Almost 4,000 guests flock to the neogothic Vienna City Hall along Ringstrasse boulevard every spring for that intoxicating shot of joy without boundaries. Tickets are generally hard to get hold of.

Life Ball Vienna 2015

Each ball is themed, for example ‘1001 Nights’ (2013), ‘Fight The Flames Of Ignorance’ (2012), and ‘Air’ (2011). The theme 2018 is ‘Recognise the Danger – a journey into a time between the times when the vigilance is the price of freedom. Those who sleep in freedom will wake up behind walls’.

Each January, the Life Ball organising committee announces the theme for the coming ball. If you align your costume to the respective theme, you can apply for a ‘style ticket’ and pay half of the ticket price.

Pre Events

Life & Celebration Concert

Life Ball Vienna: Red RibbonFour days before the Life Ball, the gala concert at Burgtheater just opposite Vienna City Hall unites international music, opera and show business celebrities. You will get a lovely mix of top classical music performed by international stars, and readings by famous actors and actresses about humanity and equality. Proceeds of this fundraising event go to Austrian and international HIV and Aids help projects.


Opening Ceremony

The lavish opening ceremony in front of the city hall rolls out the red carpet for international celebrities, politicians, and AIDS doyens. It is free for the public, and usually attracts tens of thousands of spectators. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to get tickets you can be part of a spectacular show as celebrities and wearer of the most eye-popping costumes arrive.


Life Ball Tickets

Regular tickets for the Life Ball 2017 were EUR 160 and EUR 90 for Style Tickets. For international packages, future ticket prices and further information visit Life Ball’s website.

Related Parties In Town

Volksgarten discotheque nearby stages the official Life Ball Party and After Hour Event, where Life Ball guests and those who weren’t lucky to get tickets, get together and shake off what’s left of the night. Gay Vienna will be there, and loads of other shades on this planet.

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