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Vienna Unwrapped In The Media

‘The massive Viennese blog is great for restaurant and hotel reviews, but experiential coverage (like a walking tour of modern-art galleries or where to find the best rooftop views) is equally thorough.’
from: ‘Discover The Contemporary Side of Vienna’, New York Magazine, June 2014

Media Mentions: Vienna Unwrapped in easyJet TravellerVienna Unwrapped is not a blank sheet. Smithsonian Institute’s Travel Quarterly has named it as a key resource for Danube travellers. Its profile and its innovative event series ‘Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations’ have travelled as far as USA TODAY, Condé Nast Traveller, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, skylines (Austrian Airlines’ board magazine), Canadian Traveller, Smarter Travel, Die Presse (Austria’s quality daily), and Austrian Times, to name just a few.

Other blogs and travel companies such as recently easyJet Traveller magazine (2019) and ROL Cruises (2018) have used my insight to add authentic insider tips and views to their content about Vienna and Austria. In July 2020, Breaking Travel News and Austrian news site reported about a Corona virus related tourist survey by Vienna Unwrapped.

Journalists like Vienna Unwrapped because it goes beyond publishing a native’s Vienna travel experience. The Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations touched down on solid Viennese soil, bringing travellers and locals together 1:1 for the first time, in an unusual way.

Likewise, Lonely Planet, the Vienna Tourism Office and the Austrian National Tourism Office have taken up and promote what Vienna Unwrapped does for travellers in Vienna.

Key Media Mentions

USA Today

Condé Nast Traveller
New York Magazine
New York Times logo
New York Times Travel Blog
Sunday Times Travel Magazine
Sunday Times Travel Magazine (print)

Smarter Travel

Vienna Unwrapped Media Canadian Traveller
Canadian Traveller
Die Presse
AUA Skylines Magazin logo
Austrian Airlines Skylines Magazine (print)


Swiss daily Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Austrian Radio Station OE1 and the Viennese daily Wiener Zeitung have participated in Vienna Unwrapped’s Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations and covered them in detailed upbeat reports.

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