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Naschmarkt in Vienna – What To Buy

Naschmarkt in Vienna: fruit stallWhile the Naschmarkt in Vienna is a historic landmark it’s also our best fresh food and flea market. Every Saturday, my Viennese mum hunts there for the best food and vintage things. Because some of the best fresh produce sells at Naschmarkt, some of the best fish and Mediterranean restaurants have settled there.

As a result, we are sharing our free insider guide to the more than 100 vintage and food stalls, bars and restaurants.

The Naschmarkt in Vienna is its window to the Balkan, apart from selling regional Austrian food. Unlike in most other Austrian cities, you can see Turkish butchers selling next to Polish sweet shops and Austrian farmers. Mediterranean and Asian restaurants and snackbars mingle with Viennese cafés. The upper section is dedicated to a flea market which takes place every Saturday.

Dating back to the 16th century the Naschmarkt tells you 500 years of popular Vienna history. Many of its current stalls are from the 1920s.

What To Buy At Naschmarkt In Vienna

Austrian Food and Regional Produce

Naschmarkt in Vienna: vinegar bottlesMy mother, a passionate cook and street market addict, visits the Naschmarkt every Saturday. So, here is our shopping guide for travellers which focuses on the best regional produce and local food brands. Be aware that most of the food sold is more expensive than at an average supermarket.

  • Uhudler (fruity wine, Austrian rarity): Beim Georg
  • regional honey products, from honey wine to liquors, honey gummi bears and soap: various stands
  • sweet desserts from Austria and Hungary: watch out for the non-established ‘flying’ stalls from Hungarian and Lower Austrian farmers close to the flea market
  • chocolate, hand scooped, in mind-numbingly delicious flavours: Zotter
  • aromatic oils (from fennel, chili, basil, pumpkin seeds, apricot stones and other) and vinegars (from wine, apples, blackberries, elderberries, pomegranates, cucumbers, saffron, sweet peppers and other): Gegenbauer
  • wine: the best wine bar at Naschmarkt is Wein&Co; to actually buy wine head for one of the vinotheks nearby; there is a guided wine walk to those places;
  • wholemeal bread and rolls (oat, millet, spelt, rye, wheat, kamut, amaranth): Gradwohl bakery
  • stone chocolate (pieces of sugar coated chocolate resembling pebbles): various stands

If you want to try Eastern European food, go for the Turkish lamb sausages, the spices, and baklava and other sweets from the Near East.

To join a small group and a brilliant hobby chef and guide across Naschmarkt, check out this small group Naschmarkt food tour.

While Naschmarkt is a good start to explore Viennese food the full picture emerges once you bite into a Leberkässemmerl and stick your fork into a multilayered Esterhazy cake. To visit the best places in one afternoon, starting from Naschmarkt, get in touch to learn more about a private tour guide with an appetite for foodie travelers.

When Does Naschmarkt Open?

During weekdays you can go as early as 6.00 am to do some shopping and have breakfast. In the evenings, the market is open until 9.00 pm, except Saturdays, when it closes at 6.00 pm. On Sundays, Naschmarkt is closed. Cafes and restaurants are generally open from Monday to Saturday from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm.

The flea market opens each Saturday from 6.30 am to 2.00 pm, including public holidays, but except 25th and 26th December, and 1st and 6th January.

Naschmarkt’s Flea Market

Naschmarkt flea market sellerWhile my mum is an upmarket fashionista she loves to strike a bargain at the flea market. The sellers represent a mix of local Viennese and Eastern European traders. Her favourite vintage buys are:

  • hand bags
  • gem stones
  • glassware
  • silverware
  • linen
  • decorative items
  • children’s dirndl dresses (new)

Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy tip: Arrive there as early as possible. The best items go quickly.

Where To Eat At Naschmarkt

Fish restaurant Nautilus in ViennaWith so much fresh food in front of your nose, you wonder what restaurants at the Naschmarkt itself are doing with it. The number of trendy bars and eateries has exploded in the past years. Here is our little short list:

  • BG4Lokanta: small down-to-earth eatery serving a fresh mix from the surrounding stalls: mostly Greek, Italian and Arab food;
  • Umarfisch best fish restaurant at Naschmarkt: serving probably the freshest fish in Vienna; the grilled octopus and salmon tartare are divine;
  • Naschmarkt Pavillon: one of the first restaurants at Naschmarkt, serving Austrian/Mediterranean cuisine and wines;
  • Palatschinkenkuchl: specialises in Palatschinken, the Austrian version of pancakes;
  • Kurkonditorei Oberlaa: traditional patisserie famous for its cakes and macaroons.

Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy tip for Naschmarkt in Vienna: Visit the stands, bars and restaurants on weekdays. They are less crowded and you may well mingle with a few sous-chefs of many of the restaurants in Vienna who like to shop there.

What Else To See At Naschmarkt

Other than food and vintage, Naschmarkt serves you all sorts of Art Nouveau gems on a plate: First, the typical green metal pavilions and some stalls display simple Jugendstil at its best. When you look up across the stalls towards Linke Wienzeile you will see three of Otto Wagner’s most iconic Art Nouveau town houses.  In fact, they belong to the 8 Must Sees of Wagner architecture in Wien: find out more in my post about Otto Wagner in  Vienna. And finally, whether you arrive or depart by metro, Wagner’s elegant Kettenbrückengasse station is worth an extra look.

How Do I Get To Naschmarkt?

From Ringstrasse and the Vienna State Opera you can walk to Naschmarkt in 6 minutes. Alternatively, take metro U4 to Kettenbrückengasse station. As for busses, 57A (Laimgrubengasse stop) and 59A (Pressgasse) each stop close to Naschmarkt. If you arrive from outside Vienna, take metro U4 from railway station Wien Mitte/Landstrasse to Kettenbrückengasse.

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