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Vienna Culture Shopping – quality and luxury gift guide

Vienna culture shopping: Rozet und Fischmeister silverware

Vienna Culture Shopping. In general, the best souvenirs don’t come from souvenir shops. When in Vienna, do take advantage of Vienna’s heritage of quality craftsmanship. As old family businesses are evolving their range both local Viennese and visitors (re-) discover the Austrian style. To make your visit to Vienna easier, I’m sharing a list of my favourite shops for quality and luxury …

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What To Buy In Vienna Austria: Best Classical And Insider Gifts

What to buy in Vienna Austria: Riess enamel set Hirsch

What to buy in Vienna during your trip? If you aren’t into rubber ducks with Mozart wigs, let me share the best quality gifts and souvenirs from my hometown: They range from classical elegant and vintage to real insider objects. What To Buy In Vienna: Top Five Classical Gifts Augarten Porcelain Whether you visit Schönbrunn Palace, an elegant coffeehouse or …

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Evening Dress Shops Vienna: Where to Get Ball Gowns

Evening dress shops Vienna: Dress and Impress

Evening Dress Shops Vienna. You have just bought ball or gala dinner tickets and are ready to implement the dress code. Where do you look first? Take your old dress with you? Buy or rent? Vienna’s top dress shops can compete head-on-head with the great European ateliers, but you get much more for your money here. See my favourite dress shops …

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Austria Fashion Shopping In Vienna: Where To Buy Austrian Folkwear

Austria Fashion Shopping: Ludwig Reiter

Austria Fashion Shopping. If your taste only partially overlaps with mine, you will like these Austria fashion shopping tips: What turns my head are fashion classics with a twist, and clean contemporary styles made in Austria. Gössl: Best of Austria Fashion Shopping Austria Fashion Shopping. Why buy? Outstanding quality traditional Austrian folk dress, many pieces quite simplistic or in contemporary design that won’t …

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Austrian Design Shopping: Best Shops in Vienna

Austrian design shopping: Die Sellerie shop

Austrian Design Shopping. When back in Vienna, my design wish list is varied. I share some of the best addresses to buy Austrian design below. It includes places to buy original objects that are unique or express the local zeitgeist. MAK Design Shop Austrian Design Shopping. Why buy? At the design shop of the Museum of Applied Arts/ Contemporary Art you are at the …

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Austrian Jewelry Stores: Best In Vienna

Austrian Jewelry: Frey Wille

Austrian Jewelry In Vienna Since I have a hang for Austrian jewelry are you and me after the same prey? Here is a list of the best Vienna addresses for fine and fashion jewelry: original styles and craftsmanship that shines through. Skrein Why it’s good for Austrian Jewelry. Skrein’s hand crafted pieces are probably the most poetic Austria jewelry; you can watch the goldsmith …

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Dirndl Dresses: Where To Buy Dirndls In Vienna

Dirndl Dresses: Lena Hoschek

Best Shops For Buying A Dirndl In Vienna Definitely, our dirndl dresses represent some of Central Europe’s most feminine garments. With a variety of traditional and contemporary styles around, you can choose from old fashioned to classic, stylish, historic, retro, sexy, to superkitsch. To help you shop for the best dirndls and Austrian folkwear in Vienna, take this list of addresses …

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Shopping In Vienna Austria: Finding Shops You Like

Shopping in Vienna: Mothwurf

Insider shopping in Vienna can be hard for the average traveller. Just assume you want to buy quality with a local flavor that you can’t buy anywhere else. On a quiet weekday afternoon I visited just two shopping streets in the fourth and fifth districts and discovered a dozen exciting places. If you like Austrian craftsmanship and local luxury design, …

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Local Vienna Shopping – Best Addresses, Tax Free

Vienna Shopping at Goessl

If you are looking for local Vienna shopping tips, let me share some of the best addresses in my home city. I’ve got them straight out of my personal address book. The best shopping streets are the elegant city center with Kärntner Strasse, Graben, Kohlmarkt and Tuchlauben and the bustling neighbourhood high street of Mariahilfer Strasse, which starts next to …

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