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Table Foosball In Vienna: Best Places To Play

Guest post by Mark Cop, Foosball Zone

Playing foosball (‘wuzzeln’ in Viennese) is popular in Wien, and one of the best ways to meet locals and having fun with them. On top, Vienna hosts one of the biggest foosball tournaments, the “Vienna Open” every year. The tournament is playing in VHS Döbling in Vienna and it is approved by ITSF – foosball official organization in the world.

In Europe, foosball is not the most popular sport, that is football. You can say that foosball is minimized football you can play on the table. Foosball is a great game for having fun and making new friends. 

Spielbar – Lederergasse 26, 1080 Wien

This is a very nice play where you would feel like in your living room. In this bar, you can play foosball table but also 130 other board games. The bar has nice thematic nights like Nintendo night, Bingo night and quiz night. The place has a great atmosphere and very cool design walls. On walls, there are pictures of board games and newspapers. In this bar, you can also taste a Tex-Mex food which is great for beer.

Four Bells – Schleifmühlgasse 2, 1040 Wien

Four Bells is a local sport Irish pub where you also can play foosball. This bar has the disposition “We teach you how to drink”, so you can easily see that it is a totally different bar than the first one. Playing foosball in Four Bells you will gain some other experience and maybe have the luck to meet some more experienced foosball players. The place looks very nice and has a family atmosphere. They also serve food but have a better and bigger choice of beer. The place is famous for watching sports games and making a thematic party like darts tournament, bar quiz and other. Small advice: if you want to go to their thematic party be sure to make a reservation.

Café Sperlhof – Große Sperlgasse 41, 1020 Wien

Here we have a cafe where you can play foosball but in totally different surroundings. This is a place where most young people come. The place looks very cool with big towers made from board games on every few meters. You also can play foosball in one extra room. Playing foosball here you pay per hour and hour is 4 €. Cafe also has snacks and drinks with solid price and very nice service.

Living Room – Pfeilgasse 8, 1080 Wien

And for last one we saved you the best one. This place is also known as the mother of all ‘Wuzzel’ bars. At Living Room, you will drink beer and have fun. The bar has four foosball tables, a pool table, two ping pong tables and some other games like a flipper. Prices at the Living Room are also low. You can also order a lot of snacks and different beers.

Don’t think that those are the only bars where you can play foosball table? Those bars are placed where local people suggest you to visit and where local people also come to have a great time. Here are some other places that you can visit and play foosball in;  Freizeit Bar, The Little, Morgenstern, The Loft, Café Wirr, Café Zipp, D.E.R. Location, Marea Alta, Nachtasyl-Tagasyl Wien, Café Concerto, Weberknecht and lot of others. So yes, Vienna really has a great foosball scene and if you are a foosball fan you need to visit Vienna.

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Mark is a foosball player and a blogger who entered the world of blogs and internet with his blog Foosball Zone. He was a professional foosball player which means that he has experience and knowledge to teach people what they want to know about foosball. He has posted about foosball history, maintaining a foosball table and reviews of foosball tables and foosball parts. That means that he provides value through his blog to the people who are interested in entering the foosball world.  Check out his work.

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