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Tipping in Austria – Guide To Hotel, Restaurant and Taxi Tipping

Is it customary to tip in Austria? And how much do you tip? Essentially, tipping in Europe can differ significantly by country. Tipping in Austria is generally at the consumer’s discretion. While certain service sector workers expect to receive a tip you do not need to pay extra if you are not happy. If you have been to Germany you won’t notice much difference with the following guidelines. These are also valid for tipping in Vienna.

Hotel Tipping

Tipping in Austria. Giving a valet tip and tipping hotel maids belongs to good Austrian etiquette. Luggage staff usually get EUR 1 per piece of luggage for helping you. If you’d like to show your appreciation to the room maids at the end of your vacation, leave EUR 1 per day in your room. To make sure he/she knows the purpose, write a brief note with it.

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Tipping in Restaurants and Cafés

Tipping in Austria: waitress at Cafe SperlTipping in Austria. The unspoken law when tipping in restaurants and cafés is to give 10 per cent. Some guests also round up the bill. Feel free to over or under tip a little to express your level of gratitude with the service you received. In Vienna coffee houses and other cafés in Austria, most prices facilitate rounding up, such as EUR 3,60 for certain coffee specialities. 

When you pay cash and do not require the small change, you can say ‘passt schon’ (‘it’s alright’).

Tipping Taxi Drivers and Tour Guides

Tipping in Austria. How much to tip your taxi drivers?If you would like to reward your driver or amazing tour guide, do so at your own discretion. Paying around 10 per cent is widely accepted. Especially in Vienna taxi tipping generally expected.

By the way, Uber Austria makes its local partners sign a code of conduct, which, also seeks to ensure that drivers receive the tips the guests add to the taxi fee via the app.

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