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Vienna is not an obvious choice for travel bloggers. It takes time to scratch beneath Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace and Sacher Torte to unlock its hidden secrets. I’ve browsed well over 100 of the top travel blogs in search of the most unusual and inspiring stories and tips about Vienna. Here are 10 travel bloggers (in alphabetical order) who have managed to do just that.

1. Jean Newman Glock

Travel Bloggers: Jean Newman GlockTravel Bloggers. Jean is Director Global Relations of Connoisseur Travel and one of the frequent travel bloggers on Huffington Post. She unearths the exotic in local traditions, such as Vienna balls. Jean edged away from socialite and tourist balls to describe the magic of the Fete Imperiale, a summer ball in the Spanish Riding School.
Vienna travel postViennese Balls and the Lure of the Plush Exotic
Best quote: “Experiential travel is about your level of engagement and not the exoticism of the location.”
Twitter: @jeannewmanglock

2. Peter Greenberg

Travel Bloggers: Peter GreenbergTravel Bloggers. Peter Greenberg is an acclaimed CBS News travel editor who runs his own travel news site He has equally made a graceful curve around prime tourist hotspots in his Off The Brochure Travel Guide about Vienna. He is rightly thrilled with Vienna’s old world charm, but comes up with fresh tips such as patisserie Blühendes Konfekt, Otto Wagner‘s Church at Steinhof, and trendy bar area Margaretenplatz.
Vienna travel postOff The Brochure Travel Guide Vienna (Alix Proceviat)
Best quote: “Beyond the established sights and attractions, Vienna holds a distinct old-world charm in its cozy coffee houses and busy pedestrian streets.”
Twitter: @PeterSGreenberg

3. Keith Jenkins

Travel Bloggers: Keith JenkinsTravel Bloggers. Keith Jenkins of Velvet Escape is one of the top travel bloggers worldwide. He shares his insight of the contemporary, laid-back side of Vienna. Like my husband and many other visitors, it took him more than one trip to go past the city’s imposing historic architecture in order to discover a youthful vibrant local scene. Just moving beyond the city centre opened up a whole new perspective of Vienna’s urban way of life. So good he came back!
Vienna travel postA Different Side of Vienna
Best quote: “There was a funky buzz in the air that I’d not felt during my previous visits to Vienna.”
Twitter: @velvetescape

4. Abigail King

Travel Bloggers: Abi King, InsidethetravellabTravel Bloggers. Travel blogger Abi King from InsideTheTravelLab goes well beyond cakes and Schnitzel. Her blog posts about Vienna provide welcome food for thought about Vienna. In a gripping interview with museum director Gerhard Strassgschwandtner, Abi unveils the whole story about Vienna’s role in World War II and beyond. How much did the Viennese support Adolf Hitler? Why is there no Berlin Wall in Vienna? What is there to learn at the Third Man Museum? Much of Abi’s story resonates with me. It is the story of my Viennese grandparents and my mum. Abi’s post is an eye opener for many travellers.
Vienna travel postThe Berlin Wall In Vienna
Best quote: “I tried to ignore my heartbeat and the cold seeping into my toes. Nausea coiled around my stomach.”
Twitter: @insidetravellab

5. Caz and Craig Makepeace

Travel Bloggers: Caz and Craig Makepeace, YtravelblogTravel Bloggers. The best travel bloggers are those who get the job done by those who can do it best. They either write their own posts, invite guest posts, or interview a local. Caz and Craig from Ytravelblog did the latter with Austrian blogger Doris Neubauer. Her local-type knowledge shines through every line of the interview. Having a ‘Eitrige’ at a Vienna sausage stand, roaming the second district and Karmelitermarkt, heading out to the Vienna Woods, and more. Thanks to all three of them for inspiring travellers to see Vienna like a local.
Vienna travel postWhat To Do In Vienna
Best quote: “Within [Vienna], there is a young heart pulsating, vibrating and showing it’s creativity. And if you listen and watch carefully, you can experience it yourself.”
Twitter: @yTravelBlog

6. Andrew McCarthy

Travel Bloggers: Andrew McCarthyTravel Bloggers. Andrew McCarthy reminds me of my dad’s travel style. Whereever he went, he would seamlessly immerse himself  into local life: rent an apartment in a residential area, choose his favourite café to chat with the locals, and make friends with the green grocer, the tobacconist and the iron monger. Andrew’s insight into Vienna through Annelies, the local waitress at Café Sperl, is second to none. It is a wonderful lesson for travel bloggers, including me.
Vienna travel postCourting Vienna
Best quote: “I’ve been awed by the conservative dignity of Vienna’s past and amused by the quirky lives of some of its locals.”
Twitter: @AndrewTMcCarthy

7. Megan McDonough

Travel Bloggers: Megan McDonoughTravel Bloggers. An arty, cultural and bohemian fan like Megan McDonough would surely sweep through Vienna in a mad rush, mopping up all the obvious temptations to the last tick box. Megan runs travel blog Bohemian Trails. Her blog post about Vienna, however, is all about finding the city’s beauty in hidden details and surprising corners. I love how she packaged up her tips for different groups of travellers, from the ‘Downtown Hipster’, to the ‘Whimsical Princess’ to the ‘Art Connoisseur’.
Vienna travel postVienna: More than Just Classical Music
Best quote: “I spent three days immersing myself in Viennese culture and I only began to scratch the surface.”
Twitter: @BohemianTrails

8. Dan Noll and Audrey Scott

Travel Bloggers: Dan and Audrey, Uncornered MarketTravel Bloggers. I always breath a sigh of relief when travellers successfully circumvent what I call ‘tourist traps’. Vienna has plenty of them,  such as Mozart-wigged sellers of ‘best of classical music’ tickets, wineries with tourist buses parked in front, and touristy cafés in the city-centre. Travel bloggers Dan and Audrey from UncorneredMarket master this art brilliantly. There is nothing wrong with highlighting famous landmarks and world renown heritage – just keep it in perspective, which is what Dan and Audrey excel in.
Vienna travel postVienna Travel: A Beginner’s Guide
Best quote: “Find out why a Viennese friend captured [Vienna] thus: “The Austrians are like Germans…but with a bit of anarchy.””
Twitter: @umarket

9. Sherry Ott

Travel Bloggers: Sherry OttTravel Bloggers. Sherry Ott of Ott’s World is one of my favourite travel bloggers. Her voice is natural, her observations inspiring, her enthusiasm for a place tangible. Sherry wrote a post about Vienna in which she explains how she suddenly realised that ticking off a few cliché landmarks didn’t cut it for her. Instead, she decided to get inspired by Vienna’s creative spirits such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and give in to her creative writing urges there and then. I hope Sherry had the chance to bag a few books from Viennese writers such as Stefan Zweig and more for a deep look into Vienna’s soul.
Vienna travel postComposing in Vienna
Best quote: “Instead of going and seeing where Mozart lived and watching brilliant horse back riding or seeing another museum – I’m going to do what everyone ‘should’ do when they are in Vienna – compose.”
Twitter: @ottsworld

10. Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark

Travel Bloggers: Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark, CaptainandClarkTravel Bloggers. US travel bloggers Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark of managed to dig beyond Schhönbrunn Palaceright at their first visit to Vienna, to spot a few fine differences that make my hometown unique: its public transport system and the quality of its tap water, both leading among European cities. Vienna’s historic city centre makes it onto the list of must dos but doesn’t snatch away the readers’ attention from off-the-guidebook observations.
Vienna travel postGetting To Know Vienna
Best quote: “The tap-water in Vienna is a frigging national treasure.”
Twitter: @CaptainandClark

As an add-on, spy on some natives in their natural Vienna habitat in a Tale of Two Cities. Shot through the lense of local photographer and native Parisian Laurent Bernard. And open Geoff Moore’s Travel Trunk for a ‘Third Man view’ on Vienna.

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