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Help Centre: Ask a Question About Vienna

How Can We Help You? You can also browse the Frequently Asked Questions below to find what you are looking for. Haven’t Found What You Are Looking For? Send me your questions about Vienna by using the form below. For questions related to your trip, please visit Vienna Unwrapped’s trip planning service for further information. [contact-form-7 id=”3567″ title=”Contact Page”] back …

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Honeymoon In Vienna – 11 Ideas You Only Find In Wien

Honeymoon in Vienna: butler at Hotel Imperial

Planning a honeymoon in Vienna Austria you organise an event with a ready set stage. The surroundings are so romantic you just have to fill in yourselves. Here is a guide of the most amazing honeymoon experiences and romantic hotels in Vienna to kick start your planning. Visit A Ball And Take A Waltz Dance Lesson If you have mastered the ballroom dance at …

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Vienna Attractions: Top 9 Experiences To Connect You With Wien

Vienna Attractions: Museum of Fine Art

[todaysdate format=”F Y”] ‘Barbara, I’ll hit your home town soon, what shall I see in Vienna?’ To keep it focused this article lists the top interactive experiences, for example shows by traditional institutions, musical events, entertainment, photo opportunities and culinary attractions. Click through for up-to-date practical tips, addresses and opening times. This list could well become your trip plan’s backbone. …

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Vienna With Kids: 16 Surefire Tips For City Fun

Schonbrunn's Children's Museum

What is there to do in Vienna with kids? Which classical music activities are fun for them? And where are the best playgrounds for children? Actually, my own kids and their local cousins were pivotal in pulling together this cheat sheet for young parents visiting Vienna.  But before you dive into the top 16 highlights for children in Vienna, here …

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Vienna Danube Concerts – Floating Concerts With Classics and Dinner

Vienna Danube concerts: floating concert

Vienna Danube Concerts. Many Europe travellers dream of a concert on the Danube. A local Viennese has dreamt of it his whole life. Then he just set it up, in his own unique way. I attended one of his floating classical concerts on the Old Danube. These concerts are not in any tourist guide, but word of mouth is spreading fast. …

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Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest Review, And Great Alternatives

Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest

Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest review.  NOTE: This response from Mahart Passnave, the hydrofoil’s operator, landed in my inbox in May 2017: ‘We are sorry to inform you that we do not operate the Budapest – Vienna regular service any more.’ However, there are good alternative options out there, possibly even better ones for a day trip. CLICK HERE to explore alternatives. …

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Vienna Tours To Salzburg: Best Day Trips From Wien to Salzburg

Vienna Tours to Salzburg: city view

Vienna Tours to Salzburg. Are you up for Salzburg while in Vienna? At 250 km (155 miles), Austria’s second most popular city is not far off. However, ensure you don’t spend redundant hours in transit. In my case, I travelled twice from Vienna to Salzburg for a day in a friend’s car: great company and good journey but no highlights on the way, and we got …

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New Years Eve In Vienna 2023: 8+ Genius Ideas

New Years Eve In Vienna: Silvesterpfad

[todaysdate format=”F Y”]  New Years Eve in Vienna is about music, mulled wine, balls, parties and traditions. Many travellers either know too little about local events, or they are overwhelmed with the choice they are presented with. You should have it easier with my top list of the best things to do to celebrate the new year 2023/24 in my …

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Day Trips From Vienna Austria: Where To Spend A Gorgeous Day

Day Trips from Vienna: Salzburg City

If you have an extra day or more these 9 day trips from Vienna increase your radius beyond the capital’s culture. Within a radius of 200 miles half a dozen top landmarks, UNESCO World Heritage sites and European cultural capitals huddle together.  Let me share a few day trip ideas to neighbouring cities and the countryside to explore in a small group or …

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