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Since Vienna’s food and drink culture adds a sizable chunk to its appeal for visitors, being in the right place at the right time matters. Even vegetarians and vegans will find great restaurants in this meat crazy city. As for shopping, I have collected the best tools and resources in town for Austrian fashion, gifts and food to start with.

Restaurant Bookings

Book A Table: When making a reservation for a Vienna restaurant you can use this international restaurant booking site, too. It includes a good selection of restaurants across most of the city’s 23 districts and also allows to search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Where available, you can book special restaurant offers, for example for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, even on the supposed English language site the vast majority of restaurant descriptions is still in German (as per August 2020).

As for vegetarian and vegan eateries: Restaurant discount site Delinski lets you search for vegetarian, vegan and lactose free eateries, among other things.

Winery Calendar And Wine Tastings

Vienna winery calendar: Since most local wine taverns open only during specific periods make sure you know which taverns will open during your visit. Other than the physical display boards onsite this online winery calendar includes the opening times of many Viennese Heurige. Like with the restaurant bookings site, the descriptions are in German only although non-German speakers can easily make out the opening times, addresses and get an impression through pictures.

Wine tastings (affiliate): To join in a commented professional wine tasting either explore a hidden wine cellar in the city center or go on a wine tasting tour from the center to winery outskirts such as Nussdorf. Because Vienna’s surroundings also boast amazing vineyards consider taking a half-day wine tour to Weinviertel, or visiting some wineries in Burgenland and Hungary on your way to Budapest.

Wine experience at Palais Coburg: Diving into Vienna’s largest wine cellar you find yourself underneath one of the most elegant town palaces and luxury hotels of the city. For groups of up to 7-12 people the palace’s sommelier team arranges different tastings of Austrian and Californian wine, and even champagne. During the Wine Walk, explore Palais Coburg’s breathtaking medieval wine cellars, followed by a wine tasting. Between October and May, the Wine Round Table attracts advanced wine connoisseurs to join exclusive tastings.

Cooking Classes

Andante: Every Tuesday, local cooking studio Andante runs a Viennese cuisine cooking class for English speaking participants. In small groups of up to 14 people you prepare Viennese classics such as Grießnockerlsuppe (beef broth with semolina dumplings), Wiener Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel. Either in the evening or for lunch. On request, Andante also arranges your own private cooking class. With a bit of luck, you can experience the creations of award winning ‘cooking nomads’ Anna and Valentin on two evenings every month.

Vienna Cooking Classes (affiliate): On certain dates and upon request, food fan Vanessa invites private guests to her home to prepare and eat wonderful Austrian dishes. Since the born American moved to Vienna more than a decade ago she has fallen in love with Austrian food and now shares her passion with travellers from all over the world.

Restaurant Cooking Class: If you’d rather get straight into things and learn from a master chef at a Schnitzel restaurant, head for Meissl und Schadn. Between lunch and dinner, the trendy re-incarnation of Vienna’s early 20th century restaurant invites food lovers to set their hands to Wiener schnitzel and Apfelstrudel. In the restaurant’s show kitchen you can watch and learn tricks of the trade before beating, breading, stretching and rolling up your own meals.


FashionTouri: Because it focusses on Viennese independent labels and craftsmanship this new shopping site is one to watch. Sharing the best local shops and the stories behind them Fashiontouri also connects the addresses with tips for nearby sightseeing. On top, if there are any great fashion events and design fairs taking place in Vienna users will know.

Wiener Märkte App: Where are the best street markets in Vienna and when do the weekly markets open? Since even the Viennese find it hard to keep track the local council has published a colorful and informative app to navigate through the 22 markets and opening times. As for Naschmarkt, for example, you can pick your favourite stalls from a map to guide your visit. Many of the markets such as Karmelitermarkt and Meidlingermarkt also allow 360 degree views for a better impression. At the moment (August 2020) the app is only available in German language.

Austrian online shopping: Not everyone is blessed with a Viennese mum who sends over Mannerschnitten wafers and Austrian felt slippers if you can’t make it to Vienna on time. Even so, online shopping portal From Austria admittedly stores much more than my mum would ever be willing to ship over: from fashion, jewelry and cosmetics to home accessories and seasonal gifts. The portal ships to the Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and the UK.

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