4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Travel Insurance

You have booked your ticket and you’re probably asking; what else have I not done? Travel insurance is one of the things you must have in your to-do list. You may think that all is going to be well; you won’t get sick- after all, you don’t remember the last time you were under medication. Travelling comes with many complications …

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Seven Airports To Land An Amazing Austrian Vacation

Vienna airport

Planning a trip to a pocket-sized country like Austria, does the right airport really matter? Actually,  since natural and cultural attractions evenly spread across my home country why not save time, and money, by landing next to them? For a weekend trip this makes even more sense. To help you decide, here are the best airports in Austria and Slovakia …

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Table Foosball In Vienna: Best Places To Play

Vienna articles: table football places

Guest post by Mark Cop, Foosball Zone Playing foosball (‘wuzzeln’ in Viennese) is popular in Wien, and one of the best ways to meet locals and having fun with them. On top, Vienna hosts one of the biggest foosball tournaments, the “Vienna Open” every year. The tournament is playing in VHS Döbling in Vienna and it is approved by ITSF – foosball …

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Private Dining in Vienna: Review

Art Walk: private dining in Neubau

Private Dining in Vienna. Whenever a Viennese friend invites me, I get easy private dining. But where can you go private when you travel to Vienna? Asta is a private dining host. The blond 30 something and her cat Hase (rabbit) live in Vienna’s trendy urban neighbourhood Neubau. I am as hungry for her Viennese cuisine as I am for (re) experiencing …

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Vienna Boat Tour: Old Danube Explored

Boat Trips: Rental sofa boat, Old Danube

What would a local private Vienna boat tour look like? Far from the large ships, I tested a personalized Electric Boats Island.  One a warm August day our family ventured across the Old Danube, without prior boating expertise. Read my review if you like authentic places, charm, design and style, fun, and taking things into your own hands. The Old …

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Jewish Vienna Walk: My Review Of A Jewish Vienna Group Tour

Jewish Vienna Walk. Certainly there isn’t much left of the Jewish Vienna you or your ancestors may have known. But what is left, together with the recent ‘renaissance’ of the local community, fascinates. Since I wanted to get to the bottom of Jewish culture in Wien I joined a Jewish Vienna tour. Here is what to expect from it: “There is no Jewish …

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10 Things To Do During A Stopover In Vienna

10 things to do during stopover in vienna: airport

This article has been kindly sponsored by Source Outdoor. With all the advancements in today’s technology, having a prolonged stopover in Vienna – or almost any other high profile airport in Europe – isn’t so bad after all. Say you have ample time to spare; you can turn this circumstance into a welcome opportunity to see all the wonders of …

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Webcam Wien Showing Rathaus Vienna

Webcam Wien. This is a live Wien webcam of some of Vienna Austria’s key sites. Use it to get a live impression of landmarks such as Rathaus Vienna and Ringstrasse boulevard. Check current weather conditions and festivals in front of City Hall. What Does The Webcam Wien Show? The Vienna webcam is installed on top of Burgtheater at Ringstrasse boulevard. First, you …

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Roman Vienna: History Overview for Travellers

Roman Vienna: relief detail, Roemermuseum Wien

If you know about Roman Vienna you will understand us better. 400 years of Vienna being a Roman town left their mark. Our lovely vineyards in the outskirts and our winery culture date back to the Romans. They loved the warm sulphur springs in the Vienna Woods and set up spas there. Carnuntum in the east of Vienna is a well preserved Roman town. It has …

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Vienna Winter Palace of Prince Eugene

Vienna Winter Palace Prince Eugen: room with battleground paintings

The Vienna winter palace of Prince Eugen is an exquisite town palace in the city center. It is the perfectly located off-path treat during your sightseeing. I used 45 minutes of my time to review the dwelling of one of Europe’s greatest statesmen and warlords. Find out below what to see and learn at Eugene of Savoy’s baroque home. UPDATE: As of …

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