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Vienna Attractions: Top 9 Experiences To Connect You With Wien

[todaysdate format=”F Y”] ‘Barbara, I’ll hit your home town soon, what shall I see in Vienna?’ To keep it focused this article lists the top interactive experiences, for example shows by traditional institutions, musical events, entertainment, photo opportunities and culinary attractions. Click through for up-to-date practical tips, addresses and opening times. This list could well become your trip plan’s backbone.

If you are missing Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace and other landmarks you can find them in my list Vienna Sightseeing top 10, plus four extra tips. For a blend of awe-inspiring and charming museums, go to Vienna Museums.

1. Spanish Riding School

Vienna Attractions: Spanish Riding SchoolClearly, the Spanische Hofreitschule has not only been attracting horse fans from abroad but lovers of classical culture and music alike. Almost daily, you can watch the Lipizzaner stallions perform in the unique Renaissance tradition of horse riding. Essentially, the two main shows on offer are formal performances of about one hour, and the more informal Morning Exercises, which take two hours.

While most 500-year-old institutions require multimedia to share their past, the Spanische Hofreitschule brings its European tradition to life all naturally!  To find out more click on Spanish Riding School Vienna, performances and bookings.

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Lipizzaner Stallions

Vienna attractions: Lipizzaner StallionsThe celebrated baroque horses are the main attraction of the Spanish Riding School. They are part of the UNESCO immaterial cultural heritage of Austria. You can also visit them at their breeding and training grounds outside town, including a splendid annual open air gala show.

Read more about the Lipizzaner Stallions, and their lives between athlete like trainings and graceful performances in a splendid baroque riding hall.

2. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Golden Hall at MusikvereinUnlike any other orchestra in the world the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has been creating a supreme classical experience around each of its performances, over and over again.

For so many music fans visiting Vienna Philharmonic concert is the dream of a lifetime: Is it the playing techniques, the special instruments, the unique Viennese sound, or everything together? And how can you best bag concert tickets for the Vienna Philharmonics, especially for the annual New Year’s Concert? Find out more in Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

3. Vienna Boys Choir

Vienna Attractions: Vienna Boys ChoirVienna Attractions. For decades, the Vienna choir boys have been filling concert halls around the world with their angelical voices. In case you wonder, there are about 100 of them, split into four choirs.

In my home city, these super gifted school boys are among the most popular Vienna tourist attractions. Almost every Sunday, you can hear them sing at the Imperial Chapel, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s Musikverein, and at Augarten in their own concert hall.

Find out more about the Vienna Boys Choir, their musical repertoire and where to see them.

4. Vienna State Opera

State OperaAlthough Vienna boasts four opera houses, the most sought-after cultural experience awaits at the Wiener Staatsoper. Together with the houses in Paris, London, and Venice the Staatsoper ranks among Europe’s top opera houses. Apart from experiencing Mozart, Italian, German and French operas – all with electronic surtitles – you can also tour the opera house.

On top, each year the Vienna Opera Ball attracts thousands of glitterati from all over the world. For more insight into buying tickets, what to wear and what’s on visit my compact Vienna State Opera guide.

5. Naschmarkt In Vienna

Vienna Attractions: NaschmarktVienna Attractions. Not only is Naschmarkt is a tourist attraction but my mother’s weekly deli and vintage hunting ground. At the flea market, she loves to bargain and has made lots of friends among the sellers as she performs her weekly Naschmarkt ritual.

Essentially, listed Naschmarkt is our brightest window to Vienna’s Balkan tradition. Though Prince Metternich won’t have set foot to Naschmarkt, he was right that “the Balkans start in Vienna”. Just visit the many Slavic, Polish and Turkish food stalls exuding (South-)Eastern European flair.

Locationwise, the large boulevard is right in the middle between Rechte Wienzeile and Linke Wienzeile, off Karlsplatz, and sits on top of a roof which covers the Wien river. Explore more about the Naschmarkt, tastiest of all top Vienna attractions.

6. Vienna Prater Amusement Park

Vienna Attractions: Prater Amusement Park: Giant Ferris WheelVienna Attractions. Originally the hunting ground of the Austrian Emperors, the Prater is Vienna’s largest amusement park, with lush woodland right next to it.

Among the dozens of attractions you will find an eclectic mix of historic amusements such as the Giant Ferris Wheel (with candle light dinners in some cabins!). My other historic favourites are the mini railway, and the pony merry-go-round.

If you are contemporary thrill-seekers like my Austrian nephews, use Prater’s typical luna park excitements such as roller coasters, ghost trains and and jump towers. Among the newer installations are Madame Tussaud’s wax cabinet, and sports activities such as bike and segway rentals. More about what to see and do in the Vienna Prater Amusement Park.

7. Experiencing The Danube

Vienna Attractions: Danube Tower restaurantThe river Danube in Vienna splits into four different arms. Each has its own character, attractions and summer festivals. This photo shows a view from the 160 metre observation deck of the Danube Tower.

If you want to explore tourist attractions, insider tips, and best places to stay check my guide about the Vienna Danube. It includes a map with all highlights.

8. Cooking At A Local’s Home

Vienna Attractions: private dining and cookingVienna Attractions. Imagine you could swap the usual restaurant dinner with dining in a local Viennese’s home. Far off the main tourist paths a Viennese food blogger uses her passion for cooking to connect travellers with locals.

She either invites people directly to her home to cook original Viennese food and then eat it together. Or she taps into her network of local hobby chefs who are just as keen to have international guests over for cooking, dining and chatting at their own homes. Read more about Vienna Cooking Classes with Private Dining.

9. Vienna’s Casino

Vienna Attractions: casinoVienna Attractions. You are not into opera and concerts but want elegant entertainment in Vienna? The Vienna casino is one of those old world places to visit that lets you dress up in big while having sophisticated fun. Besides, it includes a fabulous gourmet restaurant that is known for its inspired Viennese cuisine.

The casino is located inside a beautiful town palace, the oldest building in Kärntner Strasse boulevard. Find out more about the Vienna casino.

Beyond Attractions: Top Insider Tips

Vienna Insider Tips: Museum of Folks and Folk ArtAs you eventually spread out from our top Vienna tourist attractions add a few off-the-beaten track places to unearth new exciting finds. They have a similar setting but a quieter, more authentic lure, or simply round your impression of Vienna. Most of them are very popular with local residents. To give you a flavor I have related each insider tip with its popular counter part. Explore how to spice up your trip plan with these Vienna Insider Tips.

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