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Vienna Austria Things To Do: Free Guides And Itineraries

There are honestly 500 different ‘Vienna Austria things to do’ I could dish up for you straight away. But you won’t be interested in all of them and you won’t have the time to do them all. Instead, let me share a few special guides to hone down your trip planning: Find the best selection of 24 hours in Vienna itineraries, tips what to do in Vienna with kids, for a girlie trip or on honeymoon. Likewise, the Jewish or Muslim travellers among you will find their special access to Wien through two separate guides.  

1. Seven Ideas for 24 Hours in Vienna

24 Hours in Vienna: NaglergasseVienna Austria Things To Do. Most overseas travellers have to squeeze Wien into tight European round trips. If you visit for just a couple of days, you will need a thought-through plan to cover off everything you want. You can get some inspiration from six different itineraries for spending 24 hours in Vienna. To move easily between Vienna and your next European destination, check the distance of Vienna to major European cities in Where is Vienna.

2. Vienna with Kids

Vienna Austria Things to Do: quadrille dancing for kidsVienna Austria Things To Do. My children have been to Vienna several times since they were toddlers. Over the years, we have developed our own shortlist of best things to do. The list has literally been growing with them, and with their local nephews who are a few years ahead.

Access Vienna with Kids a for fun and original things to do in our home city.

3. Vienna Travel Tips For Ladies

Vienna Austria Things to Do: Gerstner's Salon PriveVienna Austria Things To Do. Wien is girlie, no doubt.  Just think about the cakes, the shops, the boutique museums, dance balls and so on. However – before you land in the mainstream with your girl friends, ladies, mums and daughters check on my insider tips of the best things to do in the company of other females. These are all things I enjoy doing when my mum, sister, daughter and friends are around. Find out more.

4. Jewish Vienna

Vienna Austria Things to Do: Jewish ViennaVienna Austria Things To Do. Many Jewish travellers want to follow in the footsteps of their local ancestors when in Vienna. Residential areas and key landmarks are spread across two main districts. Therefore, having a written guide or a private Jewish Vienna tour guide at hand will save you time.

Find out in Jewish Vienna where to go and what to see, and which guided Jewish Vienna tours are available during your stay.

5. Halal Holiday Vienna

Vienna Austria Things to Do : restaurant KentVienna Austria Things To Do. Since Halal is a way of life will you be able to follow it when visiting Vienna? Once Muslim travellers know where to stay and go, my home city turns into a fabulous place for them. Use Halal Holiday Vienna as your entry page to planning your stay in Vienna. In addition to halal travel tips I will share things many Muslim tourists love about Wien: its lush green parks, boat rides on the Danube, classical concerts, cake shops and more.

6. Honeymoon In Vienna

Vienna Austria Things to Do: Honeymoon IdeasVienna Austria Things To Do. Planning a honeymoon in Vienna is fairly easy. Wien is already a top romantic city. Even so, there are special extras away from the crowds that few travellers are aware of. You probably wouldn’t want to stick with the crowds on a tourist ferry boat…

In Honeymoon in Vienna I’m sharing a collection of the most memorable things you can do there, and my selection of those hotels I would stay in.


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