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Vienna Austria Weather – Wien Weather And What To Bring

This site about Vienna Austria weather helps you decide about the best time to travel and what to bring for a holiday in Vienna.

Vienna has its highs and lows. Austria’s capital is located on the continent and close to the Hungarian Lowlands. This creates significant differences in temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year. Most weather in Vienna comes in from the West. It passes the Vienna Woods, which helps moderate the local climate and bring in fresh air.

Climate in Vienna

Wien weather is dominated by a moderate continental climate. Our summers are very warm and even spring can feel like summer. Winters are really chilly. While we often experience “Weihnachtstauwetter” (Christmas thawing), January and February are usually the iciest months.

The best travel season is between April and October (ball and Christmas season discounted for this purpose). Temperatures range in the region between 10 and 35 degrees Celsius. July is the warmest month in Vienna. Temperatures range between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. While many people prefer to travel in the spring or autumn, my preferred season is the summer, when Vienna’s many outdoor terraces, cafes, taverns, wineries and gardens are busy until late at night.

For its continental climate, Vienna Austria weather includes a fair balance of sunshine and rain. June is statistically the wettest month, and January the driest month. See the climate chart below for an overview of the weather in Vienna, including average temperatures, rainfall and sunshine.

If you want to know the weather in Vienna in the next 10 to 14 days, check this detailed local weather forecast.


Vienna Austria Weather and Climate Chart, from World Executive

What Clothes To Bring?

My Portuguese in-laws and many of our friends travelling to Vienna used to ask this question. The clothes we bring for Vienna Austria weather by season:

November to March: warm winter gear, woollen pullovers, padded boots, gloves, scarves, caps (my husband swears on long winter underwear); but cut out the polar expedition gear.

April to May: pullovers, padded jackets, solid and rainproof footwear, rain gear.

June to August: summer gear, light sweaters, a light jacket just in case, rain gear just in case;

September to October: pullovers, light or padded jackets, solid and rainproof footwear, rain gear especially for October.

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