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Your Visual Guide To Vienna’s Best Opera Houses And Concert Halls


Vienna Pictures Concerts. If you attend a concert or opera, the musical ambiente will impact how you experience music. Decide which surroundings you feel comfortable with before you book tickets. My image gallery below lets you compare Vienna’s main concert halls, the Vienna Opera House (Vienna State Opera) and the new opera house Theater an der Wien.

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Notes And Links To Concerts and Opera Houses

A few further notes and links to key concert halls and opera houses in the image gallery:

Wiener Musikverein

Vienna Pictures Concerts. The Wiener Musikverein is the top venue for concerts and one of the many historistic buildings along Ringstrasse. If the golden vaulted ceilings in the lobby remind you of Greek orthodox churches, you are not far off: the whole building was made in Greek Renaissance style. It is here where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs our famous New Year’s Concert every year and where many top international musicians, orchestras and opera stars perform.

Vienna State Opera

Vienna Pictures Concerts. The State Opera, a 19th century building, was widely devastated during World War II in 1945 (to the war pilots of Allied Forces it looked like a train station from high above). However, the reconstruction gave room to more modern interiors like the auditorium and the Gustav Mahler Hall, which contrast with the original baroque-style tea salon or the Grand Staircase.

The quirkiest element is the Children’s Opera, which is housed in a tent with a colourful front right on the opera’s roof.

Wiener Konzerthaus

Vienna Pictures Concerts. The Wiener Konzerthaus is an elegant and versatile venue for all sorts of Vienna concerts. Events in this Art Nouveau building are very popular among local Viennese, who flock there for nights of baroque and contemporary classical music, pop and world music. One of my pics of the Konzerthaus in the gallery above shows a free-jazz event by Mario and Maria Joao Laginha that I attended.

Theater An Der Wien

Vienna Pictures Concerts. The Theater an der Wien is the youngest and most vibrant of the city’s four opera houses. Correspondingly, the recently added design elements of the 19th century theatre are not what you would expect from a classical opera house. The Theater an der Wien was established as an opera house only in 2006, and shows mostly unusual plays – from baroque operas to miniature and contemporary operas, to ‘opera concertante’ (opera without stage setting and acting singers).

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