Vienna Prater Giant Ferris Wheel

Prater Vienna Tips: Giant Ferris Wheel, Rotunda And More

Vienna Prater Amusement Park: chain carousselAs one of Wien’s largest public parks, the Prater Vienna is home to various recreational activities, including our oldest and largest amusement park, green spaces, and walking and cycling paths. Most famously, the Prater hosts the Giant Ferris Wheel. However, woodlands and a recreational area make up the larger part.

If you ask me as a native Viennese, it is the chain carousel that makes our family favourite. At 117 metres, it is the highest in the world and whizzes you around in exhilarating heights, offering the most stunning views over Vienna. 

Historically, the Habsburg Emperors used the woodland as their Imperial hunting grounds. Further down the line, when I was a child, my parents rarely took me there as its reputation and safety was not as good as it is today.

While the full season runs between 15th March and 31st October the Giant Ferris Wheel and other attractions are open throughout the year. The entrance to the Prater itself is free. 

Giant Ferris Wheel

Vienna Prater Amusement Park: Giant Ferris WheelVienna Prater amusement park. Riding the Ferris Wheel is nice as it gives you a good overview over Vienna. On top it is not so scarily high as the London Eye Giant Wheel in the UK. You can buy your ticket online. Since one round only takes 13 minutes some visitors get two rounds.

If you and your other half have something to celebrate, dine in a special cabin. Instead of the usual wooden benches it boasts a festively decorated dinner table and chairs. Having a candlelight dinner in the Giant Ferris Wheel will give you a good six rounds, ticks both a classic attraction and food, and is something you will hardly ever forget. In the winter the cabins are heated.

Madame Tussauds Vienna

With Madame Tussauds Vienna at the Riesenradplatz Prater also boasts an international attraction. There are several sections in the museum, from History to Culture, Sports and Music. Among other things expect to see the wax clones of key personalities of Austrian history, like Empress Maria Theresa, Mozart, Freud, and Klimt.

New: Vienna Rotunda

Prater Vienna: RotundaOpening in the summer of 2023, the new Rotunda links back to its historic model from the World Exhibition in 1873. On the edge of the amusement park the inside of the 30-meter high circular reinforced concrete building will show huge 360-degree panoramic pictures: On four platforms at heights of three, six, 12 and 15 meters, visitors will be able to gain various perspectives. Specifically, virtual reality will enhance the experience.

Since it burned down in the 1930s Vienna was without this historic landmark. However, don’t expect a historic replica: Instead, green façades and photo voltaics will demonstrate we have arrived in the 21st century. Entrance fees will be around EUR 19.

First Vienna Pony Carousel

Vienna Prater Amusement Park: Pony CarousselVienna Prater amusement park. The ‘1. Wiener Ponykarrusell’  has resisted all cartoon and technicolor-driven modernisations, including electricity. I just like the historic look and feel of this more than 100 year old Prater institution. What was more surprising, even my ‘Disney-trained’ kids jumped on it.

The First Vienna Pony Carousel is big fun for smaller kids who want a merry-go-round of a different kind and enjoy the company of ponies.

Historic Mini Railway

Vienna Prater Amusement Park: mini ralwayVienna Prater amusement park. A ride with the mini railway (Liliputbahn) is a simple but memorable pleasure. My kids and I enjoyed the ride as much as we did the Giant Ferris Wheel. The train’s old wooden carriages had a nice antique touch. The best for us was to travel away from the hullabaloo of the amusement park and feeling the breeze of the lush meadows and Prater woodlands.

That said, take the ride in the warm season. On your way, you will pass other traditional institutions like the restaurant Schweizerhaus and the First Viennese Rollercoaster with its model Austrian villages.

The mini railway has several different locomotives, and on week ends and public holidays also operates the original steam engines.

Tickets: EUR 4,00 (adults) EUR 2,50 (children)

Vienna Prater Amusement Park: Segway Rental

Vienna Prater amusement park. If your kids are older, consider renting a Segway and touring the Prater woodlands. Local restaurant Walfisch rents out segways. You will likely need time to get familiar with the device if you haven’t tried it before. Make sure you receive detailed instructions. Alternatively, book a segway tour from the city center to Vienna Prater and beyond.

Rental: EUR 20 (for 30 minutes) or EUR 30 (for one hour) per person; identity card required.
Location: Restaurant Walfisch, Vienna Prater amusement park
Bookings: recommended for rentals of more than two devices at a certain time – email

Events and Concerts At Prater Vienna

Throughout the year Prater hosts several events and concerts throughout the year, including the Prater Festival, the folkloric festival Wiener Wiesn and the Vienna International Gigathlon.

How To Get To Vienna Prater

Address: 1020 Vienna 

Opening Times: You can visit Prater und Wurstelprater luna park free around the clock on 365 days a year. Between 15th March to 31st October the Wurstelprater hosts its main season. While the different attractions open at different times, most of them tend open from 10.00 am to 1.00 am.

How To Get There: either take Vienna metro U1 or U2 to Praterstern; alternatively take the S-Bahn S1-S3, S7, S15 to Wien Nord; or take tramways O and 5 to Praterstern; or bus 80A

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