Vienna neighborhood restaurant Silberwirt

Vienna Neighborhood Restaurant Silberwirt – Inside A Local Institution

Set in trendy district Margareten, Vienna neighborhood restaurant Silberwirt presents a buzzing eatery that satisfies cravings for Schnitzel and a historic setting alike.

Vienna neighborhood restaurant SilberwirtOccupying part of 14th-century Margareten castle Silberwirt is one of four restaurants and bars at ‘Schlossquadrat’. Inside, the Beisl  (tavern) has gently transferred the old Beisl-style into the 21st century: the green painted wood panels, wooden chairs and tables that make this place so cosy. Most extraordinarily, though, Silberwirt prides itself of an amazing courtyard.

On warm summer days, guests tuck into their breaded chicken and potato salad in a typical old Pawlatschen courtyard. Along the building’s two upper floors, neat rows of cast iron galleries surround huge chestnut trees, and a buzzing crowd.  Being one of Vienna’s most noteworthy Pawlatschen some city walking routes include Schlossquadrat.

Although the tavern doesn’t show its youth, it is little more than 20 years that former chemistry student, science journalist, publisher and restaurateur Stefan Gergely created Silberwirt. Since then, the Margareten tavern has embraced the area’s ongoing gentrification by bringing together old and new residents: In fact, across the Beisl’s tables you will find a good mix of blue collar workers, business professionals and local families. 

Viennese Neighborhood Food

Fried chicken saladOver the years, this Vienna neighborhood restaurant has polished and honed Austrian tavern food: While the Beisl is popular for its crispy traditional Backhendl (breaded chicken) you also find innovative Schnitzel creations on the menu, such as Silberwirt’s Tuscan Cordon Bleu: Expect a succulent Schnitzel filled with mozzarella, parma ham and basil, wrapped in a coat of breadcrumbs and sunflower seeds.

Other highlights to explore are the Tafelspitz (boiled beef served with greens and savory dips), Schweinsbraten (crispy roast pork) and Schinkenfleckerl (savoury pasta with ham). If you are vegetarian or need a break from meat, try the mouthwatering baked spinach and cheese dumplings, mashed potatoes with poppy seeds, or semolina soup with radicchio.

As one of the restaurants brewing their own beer, Silberwirt offers its own ‘Margaretner’ as well as two other draught beer types. Other than that, locals love the list of popular wines. Alternatively, you can simply order an original Kracherl, which Silberwirt creates using home-made sirup with still or sparkling water.

Price: EUR 7 to EUR 15
Location: Schlossgasse 21, A-1050 Vienna
Opening hours: daily from 12 noon to midnight
Bookings: T 0043 (0)1 544 49 07 or; visit website

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