Vienna Restaurants Best Roast: Reviewing an Authentic Eatery

Vienna Restaurants Best Roast. Where can you have the best roast in town in a relaxed place in the centre? 

My Portuguese in-laws were fast approaching my hometown. They love all things meat, and authentic local eateries. Having a succulent chunk of pork topped with a crispy upper crust in a cosy little tavern would certainly make their day.

Hence, we headed for Viennese pork heaven (literally), based in an 18th century tavern.  Charmingly, it had those green wooden shutters and green wooden outdoor tables and chairs that are so typical for traditional taverns. Besides, I always find it amazing to have that kind of authentic eatery at a five minutes walk from Kärntner Strasse and Stephansdom.

The Interiors

Vienna Restaurants Best Roast. We changed our minds three times when choosing the best place to sit down. Every one of the four small rooms was special in its own way: While the wooden floor boards would creak underneath you in every place, some walls were full of historic drawings of local places. Some would show old portraits of local celebrities. On the more practical side, the main room offered a rack of newspapers stuck into traditional newspaper holders hanging from the walls. 

Finally, we settled for a lovingly decorated side room (see photo) which had just enough space for two tables: the vintage radio, the grandfather clock, the brass pestle and mortars, and a wide green painted wooden window opening to the street. It was like having lunch at my grandparents’ summer village in the Vienna Woods.

Actually, real reason for me to choose that room was the wood carved chandelier – exactly the kind my grandfather used to make in his Vienna studio! Most strikingly this room was clearly dedicated to one of Vienna’s grandest musicians: Franz Schubert. In the early 19th century the great composer of the Vienna Classic period often had lunch here, together with local actors, playwrights and painters.

The Food

Vienna Restaurants Best Roast. Zu Den Drei Hacken serves fine Austrian food, from Vienna roast to Gulasch, Wiener Schnitzel to Tafelspitz. There are always a few dishes with a modern twist on the menu, such as polenta strudel with mushrooms. Most of the time, you will also find seasonal specialities such as wild garlic, mushroom and asparagus dishes.

The Vienna roast, served with dumplings and sauerkraut, was excellent, as were my wild garlic dumplings and my husband’s gulash. With Viennese cuisine, it’s easy to cook a hearty meal, but challenging to lighten up the calories and create a fresh taste. The chef had really done her job in that sense.

Securing Vienna Restaurants Best Roast

Vienna Restaurants Best Roast. We were lucky when we showed up at Zu Den 3 Hacken. Subsequently I always booked in advance. The location is quite small and hugely popular. There is usually a good balance between locals and travellers. Chances to get a place if you have not booked are better if you arrive right at noon during week days.

Price range: EUR 9 to EUR 22
Location: Singerstrasse 28, A-1010 Vienna
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 11am to midnight; public holiday 11.30am to 11pm; open on Sundays in November and December;
Bookings: +43 (0)1 512 58 95;

Alternatively, try to get a table at sister location 3 Hacken Magazin around the corner, with the added benefit of a home owned wine shop with a huge selection of local wines.

3 Hacken Magazin
Price (main course): EUR 9 to EUR 18
Location: Riemergasse 14, A-1010 Vienna

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