Vienna Shopping Guide

Vienna Shopping Guide For Insiders. Once you arrive in Vienna you will have plenty of shops where to find a gift.  But what if you are after an authentic Austrian piece that goes beyond the ordinary souvenir? And what if you’d rather relax in a coffeehouse than hunt down that real-Austrian accessory to enrich your life?

Vienna Shopping Guide

When pulling together the best insider shopping tips, I started by opening my own cupboards to unearth those special Austrian things hidden in small household shops, on supermarket shelves, and in trade shops off the high streets; or being part of the inventory of local cafes and wineries. Then I asked local friends and family for more ideas. The result is 35 Things To Buy In Vienna, a unique insider shopping guide.

You get it for free if you sign up to my newsletter VIENNA NOTES, as my special thanks to you. The guide describes and visualises 35 popular products and 76 addresses where to buy them: from home accessories, jewellery and valuables, fashion and books, health and wellbeing to things for children and a few specials.

Two Bonuses Arriving With The Vienna Shopping Guide

The guide includes a free bonus, actually two: First, it lets you find all the listed addresses in a bespoke local shopping map, ready to be included into your individual sightseeing routes.

Second, you can shop for many products online, and have them shipped directly to your home (relax about baggage weight restrictions). The guide includes links to online stories where available.

The Vienna Shopping Guide For Insiders Is Free

Get the Vienna Unwrapped Insider Shopping Guide Here, my little black book of 35 unique things to buy in town.