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Vienna Tours by Bike: 4 Cake-Busting Cycling Tours

If you enjoy a bike ride you can combine cycling with sightseeing in Vienna. There are a couple of excellent Vienna tours by bike, which take you around the historic centre and to green spaces. When I lived in Vienna, I cycled everywhere within the compounds of Gurtel ring road. On the way, I would pass several landmarks, or simply lovely alley ways.

Since hundreds of bike paths criss cross the city cycling is safer than elsewhere. What’s more, its low pollution levels make cycling in Wien the healthiest option to ‘hop on and off’.

What kind of physical condition do you need for these bike tours? Actually, Vienna’s centre is flat and you will stop regularly to take photos and listen to stories of places. Even if you consider exploring the hilly Vienna Woods, there are e-bikes at hand.

Here are the best four guided bike tours in Vienna that I’m aware of:

City Centre: Vienna City Bike Tour

Vienna tours by bike: city bike tourVienna tours by bike. This three-hour morning bike tour covers all of Vienna’s classic landmarks in the city and on Ringstrasse state boulevard. In fact, this cycle ride is the most popular bike tour in Vienna: You will cycle right into the city centre to Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral). My favourite sites there are city squares like Am Hof and Judenplatz. Am Hof is often busy with seasonal markets. Judenplatz is a hidden square that hosts a vast Holocaust memorial, the Jewish Museum and a wonderful baroque town palace. The tour guides make frequent stops to provide stories and let you take photographs.
Learn more about the Vienna city bike tour (morning tour).

Vienna Afternoon Bike Tour

Vienna tours by bike: HundertwasserhausVienna tours by bike. The afternoon bike tour covers all the classical sights along Ringstrasse, while also venturing beyond the city centre to fabulous nearby attractions, such as the Vienna Prater, the Giant Ferris Wheel and the Danube Canal. In just one afternoon you cover three times the ground of a walking tour.

To find out what it’s like I joined that tour and recommend it to everyone. I particularly loved the fact that we saw Hundertwasserhaus (photo), which is hard to reach by public transport. Apart from that, cycling beneath the shady trees of Prater Hauptallee up to the Ferris Wheel had its own charms. As did the street art graffiti along the Danube Canal.

Read my Vienna bike tour review to find out more.

Wine Tasting Tour By E-Bike

Vienna tours by bike: Danube Canal bike pathVienna tours by bike. Not only will you experience Austrian wine the healthy way during this tour. You will venture far beyond the centre. Biking on Ringstrasse past the Vienna State Opera and along the Danube Canal you’ll go as far as winery village Nussdorf and lovely Klosterneuburg Abbey. There you will sample wines from one of Austria’s largest wine producer in their 3-storey vaulted wine cellar. Besides: the tour guide is an easy going local who loves to have a conversation about local life style and contemporary Vienna. Definitely a cycling experience for those who want to delve into authentic Wien. Find out more about the tour.

Easy eBike Tour: Vienna Woods and Danube Island

Vienna tours by bike: Vienna WoodsVienna tours by bike. If I could I would take you on this eBike tour along a really beautiful stretch of the Vienna Woods and Danube Island. You’ll cycle along the Danube bike path to Nussdorf winery village, and follow the small roads along vineyards. Being moderately sporty, I did a very similar Vienna bicycle tour and loved to ride up the hills as if they were flat plains.  From the top of Kahlenberg mountain, you can see all across the Danube, the Danube Island and Vienna. By the way, this is perhaps the only guided tour that takes you to Danube Island.

What I love about this experience is that it blends a green Vienna experience with wine at a local vintner.  Check availabilities and price.

Do’s And Don’ts When Biking In Vienna

  1. Vienna Tour by Bike: Neue Burg, HofburgVienna Tour by Bike: Neue Burg, HofburgCycle on the marked bike paths as much as you can.
  2. Some bike paths are shared with pedestrians. Watch out for corresponding signage.
  3. Your safety is a must so use a bike helmet. Most bike tour operators provide them, especially for children.
  4. Beware of tramways when you cycle in the city. When you cross a tramway track, turn your wheels at least in a 45 degrees angle to the rail track so you don’t get stuck in between.
  5. No cycling in pedestrian areas. I remember police don’t take a joke on this when they are around.
  6. Never leave your bike unattended and unlocked.

Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy tips: There are not many group bike tours in town. Therefore, Vienna tours by bike sell out quickly between June and September. Make sure you book well in advance. If you visit the city outside the period March to November consider renting a bike and doing a self-guided tour. What’s more, by taking a bike ride you set a green example for other visitors to follow. 

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