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Vienna Wineries – Heuriger Guide And Wine Tastings

Vienna wineries: Heurigen boardVienna wineries. Where are the best wineries and wine taverns in Vienna? And what about wine tasting?

Few people know that my hometown is the only world city with a notable wine growing industry. Local wineries are a fantastic excuse to venture out of the city centre and into the green outskirts of Grinzing, Neustift am Walde, Stammersdorf, and Jedlersdorf.

Start from my and my local friend Babsi’s tips of the best places.

What Is A Heuriger?

Vienna Wineries: Heuriger Schuebel AuerVienna Wineries. The word Heuriger means from this year and relates to the young wine vintners are selling. It also relates to the seasonal wine taverns that many vintners have been running since more than 220 years.

When my mother was a child in the late 1940’s, a Heuriger would exclusively sell wine and people would bring their own food to the bar. Gradually, vintners introduced cold and then warm snacks. Nowadays many have a gastronomic license and resemble Vienna attractions for visitors rather than traditional Heurige.

Vienna wineries: Mayer at NussbergA Heuriger is not always open, to allow the vintners time to cultivate their vineyards and produce the wine. Check here or watch out for those large wooden spruce sticks which stick out of the Heurigen horizontally when it is open. Alternatively, get a local to take you to a winery for wine tasting and a local wine cellar tour.

What To Do in Grinzing Vienna?

Because all the Vienna guide books mention Grinzing, you may have heard of it. Clearly, it is one of the centres of excellence wine in Vienna. Based in the northwest as part of 19th district Döbling, the 18th century village of Grinzing melts residential areas with rural vineyards and the Vienna Woods. Since the pretty winery village and its Biedermeier houses attracted the likes of Beethoven, Strauss, Einstein and Freud, much has changed, though.  

winery in Grinzing, ViennaIn the past years, Grinzing has become a victim of its own beauty and has seen its authenticity suffer from severe bus tourism. To explore Grinzing at its most authentic, try to visit around lunch time and avoid busy Heurigen with live Schrammel music. Because many Viennese still love their Grinzing, many of them head for the pop up Heurigen in the vineyards between April and October. One fine is example is Mayer am Nussberg, Kahlenberger Straße opposite 210, Friday and Saturday 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm, Sunday and public holidays 12 noon to 10.00 pm. 

Another popular thing to do is hiking through the vineyards. To see both the village of Grinzing and some nature, start your walk at the village of Grinzing in Cobenzlgasse. Then walk uphill the Oberer Reisenbergweg until you arrive at the winery Cobenzl. The walk is 1.9 km long, quite uphill and will take you about 30 minutes. Along your way, you pass a few Heurigen, such as Buschenschank Hengl/Uhler at Reisenbergweg (weekends from May to September). For a more relaxing walk, take bus 38A all the way from Heiligenstadt (metro U4 station) up to Cobenzl and then walk downhill to Grinzing.

Best Vienna Wineries

My friend Babsi, who grew up and went back to Grinzing after a few years abroad, unselfishly recommends her most treasured Vienna wineries. (Do check their websites for up-to-date opening times.) Here are the best to complement your Vienna sightseeing.

The Top 4 With a View

Vienna wineries: view from Heuriger HirtHeuriger Hirt
You know you have made it when your wine hike finally leads you to Heuriger Hirt. Nestled on a hilltop between its own vineyards and those of Klosterneuburg Abbey you get perfect vistas of Kahlenberg village and the Danube.

In the summer, sit in the red deckchairs with a glass of G’mischter Satz (cuvee) right next to the vineyards, or on the viewing terrace. Apart from great wine, Hirt’s traditional Viennese tavern dishes are delightful. 
1190 Wien, Eiserne Hand Gasse, Parzelle 165

Buschenschank Hajszan
Located in the midst of the vineyards right on top of the Nussberg hill. You sit on authentic wooden benches and tables right at the center of the raw material that is made into your wine. Whenever I arrive there I am heading straight for one of the few lovely rattan alcoves as there are only a few.
1190 Wien, Eichelhofweg

Buschenschank Worseg
A real jewel in the midst of the vineyards. The buffet is simple, the wine yummy and the view over Vienna at dawn just spectacular. If you are up for a little outdoor adventure just walk past to Buschenschank Wagner. These two places are the only ones in the surroundings.
Wildgrubgasse 44, A-1190 Vienna

Buschenschank Wagner
1190 Wien, Wildgrubgasse 48

The Top Traditionals

Vienna wineries: SchreiberhausVienna Wineries.  The traditional Heurigen families have been vintners for generations and managed to maintain successful wine businesses. I love their warm and cold dishes, huge selection of wines and cosy atmosphere.

Kahlenberger Strasse 22; A-1190 Vienna, Nußdorf
T 0043 (0)1 370 22 22
open mid March to mid November

Iglaseegasse 10; A-1190 Vienna
T 0043(0)1 320 3330

Vienna wineries: Buschenschank Wolff

Buschenschank Wolff
Rathstrasse 44-46; A-1190 Vienna
T 0043 (0)1 440 23 35

Rathstrasse 54; A-1190 Vienna, Neustift am Walde
T 01/440 38 44
Open from April daily from 11am to 1am.

The Most Rustic Winery Area

Vienna wineries: Fritz Wieninger, StammersdorfVienna wineries. What really boosts an authentic place is when it’s embedded in the local community. You get this feeling in Stammersdorf, one of Vienna’s most rustic winery areas. The former village at the city’s Northern border boasts a traditional road lined with wine cellars (Kellergasse). Stammersdorfer Strasse lines up several excellent wineries, among them Heuriger Reichl (no 41), Fritz Wieninger (no 78), and Weingut Helm (no 121). My favourite in terms of food is definitely Wieninger!

Wine Tasting In Vienna

Vienna wineries: historic wine cellarVienna wineries.  In all of Vienna’s wine taverns you can order wine in small 1/8 liter glasses. This means you can taste yourself across a few different wines without getting drunk after the first few glasses. Usually, the wine taverns only serve home made wine. However, if you’d like a proper guided wine tasting it is better to head back to the city center. There are amazing hidden wine cellars there which you can discover during a wine tasting and wine cellar tour.

Funnily enough, the barely discovered winery area of Weinviertel just north of Vienna now hosts regular wine tastings. During a half-day countryside wine tour, you will not only taste 12 different quality wines but also meet and talk to local wine makers and have an Austrian dinner.

Private Wine Hiking Tour

Vienna wineries: Wieininger NussbergVienna wineries. If you like nature walks and want to save time planning around, consider hiring a local guide for a stroll through the local vineyards and visit of selected wineries.

The hills of Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg are popular local weekend spots. On top, they will give you a wonderful view of the river Danube, and Vienna’s skyline. The paths are all paved, so no need to bring heavy hiking gear. Find out more about the wine hiking tour.

Wine – Bike Tour

Vienna wineries: electric bike tourVienna Wineries. I need to share this tour with you. Since I did it I LOVE electric bikes. Never thought I could cycle up our ‘house mountains’ Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg without heart attack. We went through Nussdorf village, along the vineyards and past wineries, up to a church and monastery. The views of the Danube and across Vienna are breath taking. Find out more.

Vienna Art Wine Tour

Vienna tours private sightseeing: Klosterneuburg Abbey
photo: Stift Klosterneuburg

Vienna Wineries. When I visited the Klosterneuburg winery estate I had no clue how powerful its influence was on my home region. In fact, 900-year-old Klosterneuburg Abbey was the cradle of Austria. Besides amazing art treasures I also walked through Austria’s oldest wine estate there, with vaulted wine cellars four storeys deep!

When you visit the medieval monastery don’t miss the wine cellar, with wine tasting. Find out more about the Vienna Art Wine Tour.

Which Wines Shall I Have?

Vienna cultivates its own wines on 700ha of urban vineyards. Most of the cultivated wines are for white wine, notably Grüner VeltlinerWeissburgunderRheinriesling, and the popular Gemischter Satz. The latter is a blend of white wines which has become very trendy recently.

The best cultivated red wines in the area are Blauer ZweigeltBlauburgunder, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Authentic Winery Dishes

Vienna wineries: traditional dishesMy Top Six Heurigen dishes:

  • Jellied sausage with oil, vinegar and onions (it IS worth a try)
  • Dark sourdough bread with spreads such as Liptauer (soft cheese with sweet pepper) or Bratlfetten (cold gravy and lard), best eaten with pickled gherkins
  • Breaded chicken legs with potato salad
  • Roast pork with dumplings and Sauerkraut (white cabbage)
  • Vegetarian strudels
  • Black salsify salad

Do’s and Don’ts for Heurigen Pros

Babsi’s Do’s and Don’ts for Heurigen Pros:

  • Choose your meals directly at the counter, most Heurige are self-service.
  • Toast each other, two by two. If you are a group, don’t cross over with your glasses.
  • Look each other in the eyes when you toast.
  • Say ‘Prost’ (prounounce: Pro’st)

How To Plan Your Wineries Visit

Vienna wineries: Schuebel Auer interiorsSince not all wineries are open at the same time, let alone throughout the year, a little planning is required before your visit. Besides, it makes sense to explore Vienna’s winery villages in more depth once you are there: walk, hike or bike along vineyards, take panoramic vistas of the Danube, and visit historic sites where Beethoven once lived.

If you would like bespoke planning support for an afternoon and evening in Grinzing, Neustift am Walde or Stammersdorf get in touch!

Vienna Wineries Map

Check where the wineries in this guide are located in the map below. They are all situated in the northwest, around 25-45 min from the city centre.

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