Vienna Winter Palace Prince Eugen: room with battleground paintings
© Oskar Schmidt; Belvedere Wien

Vienna Winter Palace of Prince Eugene

The Vienna winter palace of Prince Eugen is an exquisite town palace in the city center. It is the perfectly located off-path treat during your sightseeing. I used 45 minutes of my time to review the dwelling of one of Europe’s greatest statesmen and warlords. Find out below what to see and learn at Eugene of Savoy’s baroque home.

UPDATE: As of November 2017 the winter palace has closed its doors for the public.

Vienna Winter Palace Prince Eugen: main entranceFrom outside, the palace looked bigger than it was. The moment I climbed up the grand staircase, I was hit by unexpected glamour. The red carpet was lined with life-size atlas sculptures. They blended neatly into the white-washed foyer. Prince Eugen’s winter residence covered little more than 10 rooms at the Beletage of a town palace off Kärntner Strasse. Compared to his Belvedere Vienna summer residence, this was a private setting.

Inside The Winter Palace

Vienna Winter Palace Prince Eugen: foyerVienna Winter Palace of Prince Eugen. Himmelpfortgasse 8 was a rather modest address for military commander Prince Eugen. He was one of baroque Europe’s grand military geniuses. The high ranking military official of the Habsburg Empire used this palace as his main residence and office.

The interior design of the Yellow, Blue and Red Salons was magnificent: Dark blue and gold-coloured silk hugging the walls, gold-plated and richly carved chandeliers hovering over patterned parquet floors.

Vienna Winter Palace Prince Eugen: Blue SalonMythological figures lounged beneath the ceilings while pompous potentates and historic celebrities exchanged looks. Prince Eugen’s bedroom showed nasty Ottomans and grim Imperial warriors holding up the Prince’s state bed. The gold, silk and wooden floors in Prince Eugen’s winter palace were extra shiny, following renovation in 2013.

Vienna Winter Palace of Prince Eugen. In a floor-to-ceiling painting Eugene of Savoy battled to save the Empire from the Ottomans (see feature photo). It covered three walls, letting you capture the epic dimensions of this victory. The sumptuous Gold Cabinet must have been another big  bonus for his victory.

But Eugene of Savoy didn’t only love art and pomp. He collected thousands of books and scriptures, piled up on the shelves of his palace. Shortly after his death, Emperor Charles VI. moved the collection to the Austrian National Library. It is known as the ‘Eugeniana’. 

Vienna Winter Palace : Practical Information

Location: Himmelpfortgasse 8, 1010 Vienna (off Kärntner Strasse)
UPDATE: As of November 2017 the winter palace has closed its doors for the public.

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