Vienna With Kids: Sports For Children

by Lena

Vienna With Kids: Sports For Children

We have just recently moved to Vienna and we have a 3,5 year old daughter who really likes to move. Where could we find any sport lessons for her in Vienna, preferably close to the center.

I have found a lot of info on what to do outdoors, but since fall is approaching I would like her to join an indoor course and also to make new friends.

I would be really grateful for any useful information.

Best regards,

P.S. I really like your site.

Dear Lena,

there are a couple of sports associations for children that offer sport lessons across Vienna. Click here for a list of local sport associations and sport schools for children, including contact details and website URLs. Most of them are located in the city centre.

When I was small I used to attend Sport Union, which was great. Things have moved on since, and I am sure there are other equally good courses.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your new life in Vienna!