Vienna With Kids: Things To Do When On A Business Trip

by Marwa Bayoumy
(Alexandria, Egypt)

Vienna With Kids – What To Do With Kids When On A Business Trip

I will go on a business trip to Vienna for three days and will take my kids with me. They are two lovely daughters, aged 14 and 10 years. What could they do while I am at work? Is it easy for them to use the local transportation? We are Egyptian and its the first time to visit Vienna.

Dear Marwa,

I assume you may take the trip during the summer. While Vienna is a very safe city, you may want to consider arranging some activities for your girls where they are being taken care of.

There is an English language childcare programme for kids and teenagers that includes outdoor activities. Check out their ‘accompanying service’ which includes accompaniments to local museums, zoos, sports activities, concerts, and more.

If your girls want to improve their English, take a look at holiday campsthat combine English learning with fun activities such as Musical or Dance.

There is also the Vienna Children’s University which enables children to touch base with science and research at the Vienna University.

For child-friendly activities in Vienna, check out Vienna with Kids, if you haven’t seen it already.

Using public transport in Vienna is very safe, but there are a few things your girls may not be familiar with, such as tramways. Here is more aboutVienna transport.

I hope this helps. I wish you and your girls a very enjoyable time in Vienna!