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What To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day 2024

[todaysdate format=”F Y”]  What are the best things to do in Vienna Austria for Valentine’s Day in 2024? Naturally, my hometown is scoring high on romantic terms. With its music, waltz, baroque swirls, palaces, cakes and charming streets there is plenty to do. Find out how to nail down a great Valentine’s day program all day long.

1. Clip Clop, Eat And Drink

Horse carriage rideWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. If not too icy and you don’t discriminate a tourist attraction, board a Fiaker horse carriage for a riding dinner. While clip-clopping across the historic center on a surprisingly smooth 40-minute ride enjoy champagne and sandwiches as you wrap up in warm blankets.

By the way, the carriage can be closed if it’s really cold or rainy. And the fine sandwiches come from Vienna’s top Art Nouveau sandwich bar Zum Schwarzen Kameel.

Usually your butler/coachman will fill you in on historic notes as you make your way past key landmarks. Though especially on Valentine’s Day that will be just an option.

Address: Zum Schwarzen Kameel, Bognergasse 5, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours: daily, 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Price: from approx. EUR 292 (per group of up to 4)
Tickets: book tickets

2. Dine In The Ferris Wheel

Dinner car at Giant Ferris WheelWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. Alternatively, head towards Prater amusement park and book a candlelight dinner in the Giant Ferris Wheel. As the more than 100-year old wheel slowly moves you will enjoy champagne and a three course dinner to lounge music in your own private car. Unlike the standard waggons, your dinner car boasts extra furniture and a festively laid table.

Whether you like Wiener Schnitzel, gulash or fish you can choose from six different menu options. To give you an idea, the experience takes about one hour and a half or a total of six rounds in the Ferris Wheel.

Since both locals and visitors are usually eager to book this candlelight dinner for Valentine’s Day make sure you make a reservation as early as you can.

Address: Wiener Prater, Prater 90, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours: daily, 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Price: from EUR 365 (for 2 guests)
Tickets: book tickets

3. Take A Waltz Dance Lesson

waltz dancing in ViennaWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. Even if no Viennese ball takes place on 14th February 2022, get into ballroom dancing during a waltz dance lesson. On the shiny herringbone parquet of Rueff dancing school beginners and pros alike can join frequent lessons.  While the one hour Hop On Waltz is for waltz newbies and includes some fresh polka lessons, too, Perfektion offers relaxed teatime dancing with some support from dancing instructors if required. As for the dress code, smart casual is best, as are shoes with flat leather soles. Find out more here.

Address: Friedrich Schmidtplatz 4, 1080 Vienna (directly behind the capital hall of vienna subway station U2: Rathaus)
Time: Hop On Waltz lesson for beginners – Friday, 14th February 2020, 5.00 pm; Perfection 4.15 pm to 5.45 pm
Price: Hop On Waltz – EUR 50 per couple; Perfektion EUR 3 per person;
Bookings: no pre-booking required for couples joining; 

4. Wrap Yourselves in Chocolate

Sacher chocolate spaWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. Until I tried it out, I had no idea how fantastic the chocolate spa treatment of Hotel Sacher really is. On Valentine’s Day, you can book it for two, and turn into a live chocolate dessert together with your other half. To be fair, your body mask is a professional product based on cocoa rather than a greasy chocolate sauce. Read more about this treatment and other spas in my Vienna Spa Guide.

Address: Hotel Sacher, Philharmonikerstrasse 4, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours: daily, 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Price: from EUR 150 per person (2020 prices)
Bookings: email sacherspa@sacher.com

5. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating at RathausplatzWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. Provided you and your partner enjoy sporty fun, do some ice skating at the Wiener Eistraum, a gigantic and wonderfully landscaped ice rink in front of Vienna City Hall. Like in no other city in the world, you can ice skate on two different levels, reaching the SkyRink ice terrace via a ramp. Definitely the most romantic routes lead along the many winding paths of the park. 

For a more down-to-earth experience consider ice skating at the traditional Wiener Eislaufverein next to Stadtpark.

Wiener Eistraum

Address: Rathausplatz, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours: 19th January to 3rd March 2024; 10.00 am to 10.00 pm, except for 22nd January (7.00 pm to 10.00 pm)
Price: EUR 8 for adults; skate rental is EUR 7.50;

Wiener Eislaufverein

Address: Lothringerstraße 22, 1030 Vienna
Opening Hours: Monday 9am to 8pm, Tuesdays to Fridays 9.00 am to 9.00 pm; Week ends and public holidays: 9.00 am to 8.00 pm;
Price: EUR 7.80 for adults; skate rental is EUR 6.50;

6. Roll The Dice At The Casino

Vienna Casino gambling hallWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. For a generous dose of public glamour, visit the Vienna Casino and its fab gourmet restaurant. Located at 17th-century Esterházy town palace, the relatively small casino offers a beautiful setting to celebrate and have fun. Apart from roulette you can try you luck at poker, black jack and punto bianco. The dress code is elegant evening attire or nice jeans and well styled t-shirts. Don’t forget your identity card.

By the way, the onsite Cuisino restaurant is excellent for fine dining, and boasts bold retro interiors in red, black and white.

Address: Kärntner Straße 41, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours: the classical casino is open daily from 3.00 pm to 4.00 am
Price: no entrance ticket required; jeton packages start at EUR 27 for a value of EUR 30;

7. Have Fun At Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions, ViennaWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. Instead of red hearts and candlelight have a good laugh about yourselves at Vienna’s fantastic Museum of Illusions: To find out how your other half really sees you try out the True Mirror. Alternatively, shrink your partner to the size of a shepherd’s dog (like I did with my husband in the photo), or take incredible kaleidoscopic pictures of the two of you.

In the Upside Down Room and the Ames Room you can put yourselves in unbelievable poses, and shrink and grow as you please. Definitely the most creepy but also fun thing is to see your partner’s head on a plate!

Address: Wallnerstrasse 4, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours: daily, 10.00 am to 8.00 pm 

Tickets: book tickets (from USD 13.6 per person)

8. Dine In Private

private dining Mezzanin 7What To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. If you would rather get away from the buzz choose an unusual romantic eatery in some of Vienna’s prime neighborhoods. Because I love private dining my clear favorite is the charming privacy of Mezzanin 7. There in the beletage of a stunning townhouse your three hosts cook up an eclectic menu with a Viennese touch for just a few tables.

For the 14th February 2020, expect risotto, Austrian Tafelspitz in aspic, beef roulade with fine mashed potatoes and caramelised onions and chocolate cake with almond crumble.

Address: Liechtensteinstrasse 12, 1090 Vienna
Opening Hours: Wednesdays to Fridays from 6.30 pm, dinner starts at 7.00 pm
Reservations: email office@mezzanin7.at

9. Enjoy Elegant Cakes In The Palace

What To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. Treat your other half to Imperial cakes in the palatial yet intimate atmosphere of Gerstner’s cafe/restaurant. Compared to other elegant coffeehouses in Vienna, Gerstner is cosy and clearly ranks top on mind-boggling cake creations.

To have afternoon cakes and coffee, Gerstner’s bar and cafe area doesn’t take reservations. However, waiting times are usually not long, and well worth it.

Address: Kärntner Straße 51, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours: daily, 10.00 am to 11.00 pm

10. Shop At The Best Jewelry Stores

Austrian jewelry by SchullinWhat To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day. A sweet treat of a different kind are the local jewelry stores. Beneath all the sparkle there are a few exceptional shops that celebrate Austrian design and craftsmanship. Among the most iconic Austrian fine jewels are Empress Sissi’s diamond stars.

Though you don’t necessarily need to splash out to get beautifully crafted pieces for your loved one. If you’d like a historic piece, go for antiques stores and auction houses. Just explore my shortlist of the eight best jewelry stores including addresses in Vienna in Austrian Jewelry.

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